Thursday 21st April 2022

Two hundred and fifty quid. Mental. That’s a quarter of a grand. You can win it tonight at the Newsroom. If you want something quieter, come to the Strathie which has been pretty quiet last few weeks. If you haven’t been coming because of Lorraine’s Legends dominance, don’t sweat it – they lost last week. The run is over.

Strathie 7pm

Jackpot: £30

You can’t book at The Strathie just turn up. It’s like the good old days! For any pub info, you can call The Strathie on 0131 554 8717 . 

Free answer: One of the answers tonight in the PICTURE round at the Strathie is “VIVEN LEIGH” 

Newsroom 9pm

Jackpot: £250

If you’re not booked you can walk-in. To book, call the Newsroom on 0131 557 5830 or use their online booking

Free answer: One of the answers tonight in the MUSIC round at the Newsroom is “T-REX ” – (see video below)

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