Tuesday 4th January 2021

Rollovers have been pretty rare on Tuesdays but now we have two decent pots at the same time. Isla has been distracting the punters with her stripey tights at the Porty Tap and no one has been able to score an eight, so she’s up to £90.

Meanwhile my quiz at the Safari Lounge is also up to this level but I have not been wearing stripey tight. Perhaps my socks are stripey. You can’t really see because I’m usually wearing shoes. But it’s the THOUGHT of those socks that’s been distracting you.
Just try and focus on the answers tonight, That’s how to win the money.

Portobello Tap 6pm (with Isla)

Tonight’s jackpot: £90
Free answer: One of the MUSIC ROUND answers is BOB ft. HALEY WILLIAMS – see video below

Safari Lounge 9pm (with me)

Tonight’s jackpot: £90
Free answer: One of the PICTURE ROUND answers is  ANNA PAVLOVA

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