Tuesday 21st December 2021

It’s the last Tuesday quizzes before Christmas. Santa does his splurge on Saturday and then perhaps things will return to something approaching normal. The pubs have been quiet over the last week or so, for obvious reasons but that means that there’s plenty of space and to be honest it all feels quite safe. I hope you can make it to one of our quizzes tonight.

Portobello Tap 6pm (with Isla)

Tonight’s jackpot: £30
Free answer: One of the MUSIC ROUND answers is DEVO (see video below)

NOTE – Isla NOW HAS A CARD READER so you can card-pay for the jackpot round now down at Porty Tap.

Safari Lounge 9pm (with me)

Tonight’s jackpot: £30
Free answer: One of the PICTURE ROUND answers is  PET SHOP BOYS 

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