Tuesday 9th November 2021

It’s always great to be announcing a new quiz, and it’s even more exciting when it’s a new quizmaster. I want you to welcome ISLA, who will be doing the quiz now on Tuesdays at the Portobello Tap. I’m sure Isla is going to be a great host and run a tight quiz. Get along and give her a cheer, especially in those first few weeks.

Pubs are always getting in touch and I have to turn them away as I am maxed out, so if you are interested in hosting or know someone who might be, then do let me know.

Portobello Tap 6pm

Tonight’s jackpot: £30
Free answer: One of the PICTURE round answers is MARIAH CAREY

NOTE – Isla doesn’t have a card reader yet so it’ll be cash only for the jackpot round tonight at Porty Tap.

Safari Lounge 9pm

Tonight’s jackpot: £30
Free answer: One of the music round answers is CHICKS ON SPEED (see video below)

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