Monday Quiz Online: 7pm and 9pm

Two chances to play the Dr Paul quiz tonight: 7pm and 9pm

At the first quiz you can WIN BEER, thanks to our beautiful sponsor Crossborders who only make beer that everyone loves (hence several awards)

Here’s some of the action which could be happening in your throat soon:

The 7pm quiz has the prize but for those who prefer a later start, the quiz is repeated on Facebook at 9pm. It’s the same questions at both quizzes but any prizes for the second quiz will not depend on your overall score, so there’s no worry about cheating.

A request: Please share the quiz! Let people know about this – The more people I can get taking part, the easier it will be for me to bring in sponsors and therefore… PRIZES!

Simon’s lovely stack of tins from week 1 of the Crossborders promo

For cheats and hints to win Dr Paul quizzes in Edinburgh, get the weekly email.

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