What Does “Llamedos” Mean?

Here’s the winning team from the Tolbooth the other night.


They were called ‘Llamedos’ and I guessed this was Spanish but didn’t know what the word meant after my first piss-poor attempt to pronounce their team name, they put me straight: “Ya-meh-doss”.

Next time they handed in their answers I asked the bloke what it meant.

“It’s the name of our house in Spain.”

“Yes, but what does the word mean?”

“Oh, it’s just “Sod ’em all”, backwards…”

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2 thoughts on “What Does “Llamedos” Mean?

  1. Llamedos is a hilly and permanently rainy country on the main continent. It is the home of druidism and druidical music and lots and lots of cold, exceptionally wet rain (It even has rain mines).17 Oct 2020

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