Thursday Pub Quiz – Enormous Jackpot at Newsroom Tonight

The jackpot has reached terra incognita at the Newsroom. We are now buzzing at £350. Win it tonight.

7pm – Argyle Bar & Cellar. Jackpot: £90. Cheat: One of the answers in the picture round is Iraq.

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £350. Cheat: Grace Jones is in the music round (see vid below).

I always tell people that the Newsroom is the thickest pub of the week and definitely the right place to come if you want to win money.

It’s not strictly true about the thick thing. It’s just that the Newsroom attracts staff-nights-out and the like where people are maybe not one hundred per cent quiz-focussed.

So if you know the quiz and how it goes, you usually do have a bit of an advantage over these passers-by. And it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but most people who come from other quizzes end up liking the Newsroom when they come. Tonight would be a good night to try it.

Giles Angels, for example, started off quizzing at the Joker but have found the Newsroom a happy hunting-ground. Maybe they’ll win the money tonight? We’ll see…

By the way, Grace Jones was what it was all about in the eighties. No one was more aloof, untouchable, and supreme as the Jones.

That was the image anyway. I had one of her albums. It was all right.

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