Wedding Bells

Dr Paul impresses the bride and groom with quiz mmayhemHey – I did I wedding on Saturday which was a big hit. “That was brilliant – you really made the day!” said Louise the bride and obviously she was being nice but it was a lot of fun and everyone was definitely enjoying themselves, even the people who didn’t think, at first, that a quiz at a wedding was a good idea…

Some folk have said they can’t imagine how a quiz fits into a wedding party but it does, and does so quite nicely.

The best time is just after the food – everyone is still too blubbery and full to begin any kind of dancing and on SOME of the tables the conversation MAY have run SLIGHTLY dry.

So, enter the quiz. The trivia gets everyone talking, and within minute of starting, everyone is having fun without having to get up yet out of their chairs yet. Perfect! By the time my hour has come and gone, everyone’s re-charged and ready for the evening’s entertainment. Yeah!

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