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I got this email from Zoe:

“Hi. I’ve been having reading your blog – very useful for wanna be tv quiz contestants like me! I have an audition next weekend for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire & wondered if you have any tips you wouldn’t mind sharing?

I’ve been told to be prepared to talk about myself for 1 minute & include some random facts, ( I don’t really have any!) I don’t want to come across as boring. Anyway if you have time to reply then great.



So I wrote back, and I thought I might as well share my reply here for anyone else who’s interested.:

Hi Zoe

The main advice is to “be yourself”. Obviously this is a cliché but its true, don’t try to fake a personality that you don’t have because producers can spot this a mile away. Having said that, try and smile as much as you naturally can. Not a fixed grin, but if you ever feel a happy thought – remember to smile. Everyone looks better with a smile.

Don’t worry too much about the actual trivia, the producers are looking for people who will be good on TV. With Millionaire, they probably want you to be OK at trivia, but not completely amazing. They will want you to be likeable.

When talking about hobbies etc, be specific rather than general. E.g. “I like hill-walking” is really boring, but “Most Sundays I go walking over a hill called Lea Pen, its 600 metres high and from the top the shape of my local town looks like a far off city and I like to imagine its Paris” is far more interesting. Its personal.

Enjoy yourself. Even if you don’t get on (most won’t), the auditions are still an enjoyable experience. It also might be worth quietly asking the producers what they’re actually looking for: they might just tell you what they’re looking for on that particular day.

Good luck!

Dr Paul

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