Ultimate Holness Tribute: Get Yourself On Blockbusters

Blockbusters is looking for folk. You can pay tribute to the recently deceased Bob Holness in the best possible way by applying to take part in this classic 2-on-1 quiz show situation.

blockbusters in the old days

It probably won’t look exactly like the original 1980s-90s version above and Holness certainly won’t be hosting (and if he is it will be weird), but I’ve been told the original gameplay survives intact andthe prizes will be proper cash money.

Plus, this time you DON’T have to be a spotty wee student but you might still be able to take part with a hilarious mascot. As far as I’m aware, they’re happy for you to be a grown-up if you like.

The Edinburgh audition is this Tuesday (17th Jan 2012) and they still have slots.

I’m applying and you can too. Just drop an email to Lauren Tee tomorrow (Monday 16th Jan 2012) and she’ll sort you out. Tell her Dr Paul sent you.

If you’re not in Edinburgh, then I’m sure they have other auditions elsewhere. Get in touch and ask her.

Email either:



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