Quiz Trippers

So Quiz Trippers was on Channel 4 last week and Harry from the Newsroom is delighted with the coverage. It seems there may be a spin-off piece of filming at the pub but I don’t think I can really  tell you about  that just now.

Quizmaster Dr Paul in Channel 4 pilot from 2011, 'Quiz Trippers'

My view: I thought the show may have had a germ of a good idea behind it but it wasn’t properly thought-out or executed.

There was too much pub quiz for reality TV fans whilst there was not enough of a structure for quiz fans to know what the hell was going on quiz-wise.

The show ended up being neither much of a reality show nor that great a quiz show. Christopher Biggins is plainly a pro, but his commentary added little insight or gaity.

From my personal point of view I thought our episode (the Thursday) showed little of the fun of the Dr Paul quiz (I can’t believe they didn’t show the quite extraordinary dance off  we had that night!)

But I can’t grumble too much cos at the end of  the day its free publicity and you can’t buy that.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the filming and I hope you got to see yourself onscreen. You can still watch the episode at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/quiz-trippers/4od#3206471

…and I’ll be adding some screenshots to the Dr Paul Facebook page soon so you can see yourself!


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