How To Pass A TV Gameshow Audition

The Chase, ITVI’ve been applying to TV game shows to be a contestant and this is the story so far:

Eggheads: PASSED audition – didn’t win money

Postcode Challenge: PASSED audition – didn’t win money

Weakest Link: PASSED audition – currently on contestant shortlist

The Chase: PASSED audition – but FAILED to progress from shortlist to becoming actual contestant.

Win Beadle’s Money: PASS audition, appeared on show, won £330!

Deal or No Deal: filled in application form a while ago and haven’t heard, so looks like I FAILED.

So how do you pass auditions? I got an email from Alison asking me how she should go about passing her forthcoming audition for The Chase which is coming up in March.

Of course, The Chase is the only one I’ve really failed to get through, so perhaps she’s askign the wrong person.

But I did get to the shortlist so I must have done something right.

The audition is a chance for the TV company making the show to size you up. They have a profile and they want you to fit that. The reasons why you do or don’t make it are up for grabs and there is endless debate amongst quizzers as to whether or not you should underplay your knowledge or whether you should be more or lesss exuberant.

It’s dark arts and smoke and mirrors, so taking it all with a pinch of salt, here are some rules of thumb that should help you, Alison.


  1. Turning up on time.
  2. Being polite to production staff.
  3. Speaking clearly and confidently when its your turn.
  4. Being able to follow instructions.
  5. Smiling.
  6. Being clean and tidy.
  7. Being natural.


  1. Being rude or hostile.
  2. Being late.
  3. Stinking of booze.
  4. Dressing like a tramp.
  5. Mumbling.
  6. Being fake.

You’ll notice there’s not much in there about quizzing ability. That’s because sometimes they’ll be looking for super-brains and sometimes they’ll be looking for total dunces. Mainly they will be looking for ‘average’ people but it completely depends on what show you are auditioning for.

Your best bet is always to directly ASK the production staff what they are looking for and play to that.

Good luck with the audition Alison!

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10 thoughts on “How To Pass A TV Gameshow Audition

  1. Sorry Tim – missed your comment. I need to get notifications sorted out. I hope it went well.

    The advice is to be yourself rather than over-jokey. The researchers who run these days have usually done the job a lot and can easily spot someone being “fake”.

    That said, there’s no point in being ‘yourself’ if your natural self happens to be dour-faced party-pooper.

    Mumbling is also not good. These people want to make TV and TV (especially quiz/game shows) is about entertainment. And entertainment is about being LIKEABLE, not necessarily hilarious.

  2. Hiya,

    Unlucky about the Chase eh?!

    I have passed the audition, just waiting to see if I make it onto a show.

    How long did you have to wait for an answer? And do they tell you either way?


  3. Sorry Charlotte- missed your comment. I need to get notifications sorted out…

    Anyway – the waiting time is highly variable. It can be straight away, it can be months.

    Quite a few production companies will NOT tell you if its a no, only if they want you. So it can be a bit limbo-ish, but you gotta realise they’re all producing these shows on the minimum possible budget, so there’s not money for loads of staff to follow up every single hopeful contestant.

  4. Dr Paul, top tips i did your do’s list this year won in in it to win it 😉 26/1/13 youtube great time win or lose, given up on deal, awaiting chase, cube, catchphrase, just be yourself, and enjoy and relax.good luck

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