Channel 4 Quiz Needs Contestants

channel 4 logoHad a laydee from the telly called Hayley getting in touch recently with a contestant call for an as-yet-un-named Channel 4 show.

She says  “We are making a pilot for a brand new Channel 4 quiz show and would love to hear from you if you would love to test your knowledge in an exciting new quiz format.”

She was specifically asking for pub quizzers – so that’ll be you then.

For more information please contact Hayley on

She sent me another email yesterday  reminding me that the application forms are ready, so get in touch now if you fancy stardom and cash. Tell her  the Doc sent you.

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1 thought on “Channel 4 Quiz Needs Contestants

  1. actually – here’s a bit more detail from Hayley:

    “Cash prize – well there very well could be…

    We are looking to put together a team of five quizzers that will go on a quiz road trip. For the pilot we will be journeying around scotland, we will visit five different quizzes, all with a cash prize. The aim is to win as much money as possible and at the end of the week one member of the team will walk away with the prize money. After each quiz there will be a vote amongst the team as to who they think has been the best team member! The person with the most votes wins…

    Get application in by next Monday (Valentines day 2011)

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