Jamie Defects, Dusty Suffers

Jamie works behind the bar at Jenny Ha’s and is noted for her styles de la fashion.

Also, she’s pretty handy with the music round and usually helps Dusty defy the odds and come through to be a leading force by the time we get to round 4.

However, Jamie wasn’t behind the bar on Monday and took the chance to slip over to table in booth number one and join NICKS BIRDS, who proceeded to teach the rest of the pub a lesson.

Nice victory, especially considering that THE DUDE ABIDES were back in town and they’ve been on Eggheads, Mastermind, Postcode Challenge, the lot.

So Dusty was left high and dry and was consequently shite at the quiz, but you’ll be glad to know that apart from that, he’s all right.

Wine for the folks above but no cash winner by the way – £80 next week.

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