Contestants Wanted For STV Pilot

Be on TV! Win money!

STV are making a new quiz game showand it could be you. Here’s what Dave told me about the show so far:

The (as yet unnamed) show is a brand new network quiz format designed for a peak time slot.   We are recording a non-broadcast pilot of the show in November.
Each show features three couples (friends / work colleagues / family members) who work together by answering various general knowledge questions in a bid to outsmart their opponents and win a cash prize.

We are looking for a mix of contestants from anywhere in the UK (it is a network show) and a cash prize will be available for the winning couple at the end of the record.

Filming takes place at BBC Scotland in Glasgow, travel costs to which will be met by the production.

Go for it. I thoroughly recommend being on TV for quizzes. Its a laugh. No further deytails yet, I’ve asked for more but if you’re interested now, I would email Dave Donald and tell him so. Tell him the Doc sent you.

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