£200! Thundercunt Beast Mastermind

My True-False challenge had rolled  over 9 times at the Reverie, so we had a £200 pot by Monday night.

As promised, the “must-be-won” rules came into play, giving every single team a chance to win at the end.

Thundercunt win two hundred quid
Thundercunt win two hundred quid

And it was THUNDERCUNT who made it through the muck, capping off one of the most succesful fortnights in quiz history with a second win in a row for the main partof the quiz

This meant beating 18 other teams – including one which included a Mastermind player, Brian (who will be on telly this week or next answering questions about the music of the Beatles).

All the other teams had a chance to snatch the cash but Thundercunt’s John (last week’s dance-off hero) held his nerve and the team left with the £200 safe.

Mind you, there’s loads of them in that team. Maybe they got seven quid each or thereabouts (not everyone was available for the photo).

Back to £20 next week. That’s an anticlimax along the lines of the Stone Roses second album. But, like that album it should still be fairly good.

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