£160 Winners at Jenny Ha’s

Katy finally slew the TRUE or FALSE dragon last night with 5 out of 5 and a super duper £160 win before she moves to Glasgow forever.

Katy wins £160
Katy wins £160

Here are the 5 she got right. Would you have answered correctly?

  1. A survey of American tourists put Glasgow in the  top 10 European cities to visit. True or False?
  2. Chimpanzees laugh. True or False?
  3. The British MEdical Council once reccommended Marmite as a treatment for scrotal dermatitis. True or False?
  4. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Starlight Express is based on a George Orwell novel?
  5. Before they have snail sex, snails kiss each other?

Tough as hell – but Katy pulled through and ONE SWELL FOOP, disguised as “ONE LAST PUSH” were cash champions, while THE THREE STOOGES (minus Conor) were booze champs.

Back to £20 next week.

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