Amazing Dance Off Leads to £100

Last night at The Reverie saw an epic battle between awesome legends BENGT, LETS GET QUIZZICAL and E=MC HAMMER SQUARED plus new names like COLOMBO KICKS LANSBURY’S ARSE.

However, in the end it was previous £100 winners GOOGLE EYED who found their form at just the right time to finish first in a three-way tie with NEMO and COLOMBO KICKS LANSBURY’S ARSE.

The only sensible solution to a 3-way tie was the dance off. There was an immediate contrast with Gordon from Google Eyed flipping like a weird panther while Stuart from NEMO just complained about his leg. Falling in between was Brendan from COLOMBO KICKS LANSBURY’S ARSE who was a bit like the Lib Dems as everyone liked him, but just not quite enough.

dance off action
dance off action

There’s Gordon, thrilling the punters IN THEIR FACE. The winning team as a whole looked like this:

Google Eyed
Google Eyed

The Riddle of the Beast proved a tricky one and it came down to a choice of Phil Collins’s favourite Britney Spears track being either:

  • Hit Me Baby One More Time
  • Toxic
  • I’m a Slave 4 U
  • Do Somethin

Gordon went for “I’m a Slave For You”  – based on PC’s love of old-fashioned morals and its the confidence paid off. The £100 was THAT EASY!

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