Mystery Voice = No Problem

An easy win for EASY DRAW
Jokes round glory for wacky scientists QUIZZIE RASCAL
Top class winners EASY DRAW
Top class winners EASY DRAW

Bent (Swedish name) and his tremendous team EASY DRAW were the kings of theReverie quiz last night, finishing 2 points clear of BARSHAMBLES and earning the wine and a shot at the money.

I was kinda hoping the mystery voice would be tricky enough to last a couple of weeks but EASY DRAW, along with several other teams simply knew the answer.

Would you know who this is?
Mystery Voice No.1

As well as being top dogs at the Reverie, EASY DRAW are also top tof the league after three December quizzes.

Meanwhile, credit goes to loveable science-geeks QUIZZIE RASCAL who stunned the bar into silence with a joke about something to do with ice and bunsen burners falling in love, but it only being a phase. Phase needed to be underlined to identify the punch-word.


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