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Dead Pool – January 2017

Right – I just got round to collating the entries for January Dead Pool.

Here they are The number in (brackets) shows the number of people who are backing that name to die.

Winner is the one who picks the MOST FAMOUS person to die in the month.

Trump’s been getting the headlines and lots of you reckon he’s going to get shot. The Queen had a cold at Christmas – that was enough to push her into third while her tenacious husband always makes a high ranking.

Kirk Douglas turned 100 in December, so plenty of votes for him. Maybe like Joao Havelange he’ll make the ton and then pop off in short order?

This month’s randoms include Keith Chegwin, Paul Chuckle and Jaden Smith.

Donald Trump (13)
Prince Philip (13)
The Queen (8)
Bruce Forsyth (6)
David Attenborough (6)
Kirk Douglas (6)
George Bush Sr (3)
Paul Gascoigne (3)
Angela Lansbury (2)
Buzz Aldrin (2)
Judi Dench (2)
Kanye West (2)
Maggie Smith (2)
Olivia de Havilland (2)
Rolf Harris (2)
Angela Merkel (1)
Bashir Assad (1)
Betty White (1)
Cher (1)
Chris Brown (1)
Cliff Richard (1)
David Jason (1)
Diana Ross (1)
Doris Day (1)
Fernando Ricksen (1)
Freddie Starr (1)
Jaden Smith (1)
Jimmy Carter (1)
June Brown (Dot Cotton) (1)
Keith Chegwin (1)
Keith Richards (1)
Lamar Odom (1)
Mary Berry (1)
Meat Loaf (1)
Mel Brooks (1)
Oprah Winfrey (1)
Paul Chuckle (1)
Paul Hollywood (1)
Peter Kay (1)
Prunella Scales (1)
Roger Moore (1)
Simon Cowell (1)
Stephen Hawking (1)
Steven Tyler (1)
Theresa May (1)
Tom Jones (1)
Trevor McDonald (1)
Val Kilmer (1)
Vera Lynn (1)
Vladimir Putin (1)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (1)

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