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Sunday = Percy plus NEW QUIZ

Percy is the Percy. 6pm start. £20 jackpot. Cheat news:  one of the answers is “Russian


Tolbooth Tavern. Starts at 8pm and one of the answers in the music round is T-Spoon. (See video below)

The Tolbooth Tavern is on the Canongate which is the bottom half of the Royal Mile. It looks like this:

tolbooth tavern (22)

The new quiz follows a slightly different format including a new jackpot round and a new head-to-head round where you can win £20. Come and try. Jackpot is a little bit higher than the other places too (aside from Newsroom). The Tolbooth offers £30 / week. Tonight is the first quiz so tonight’s jackpot is £30. So if you win the head-to-head AND the jackpot – that’s £50 altogether

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