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Tuesday 30th July

Tonight’s Quiz:

9pm – O’Connors. Jackpot: £30.

On the corner of Broughton Road and Rodney Street

Kerry is back tonight at O’Connor’s – the new on the Canonmills scene.

The booze and chat is gaining plaudits around the neighbourhood and so is the food.

Kerry reports that the food at O’Connor’s is excellent and the kitchen is open till just before the quiz so you can come in and have some nice dinner first.

If you’re not a vegetarian you could potentially feast on slaughtered animals before going on to slaughter the opposition in the quiz.

Fun fact: slaughter is only the word laughter slightly lengthened but the two meanings couldn’t be more different.

This goes to show the importance in day-to-day life of spelling but remember that in the quiz, spelling is not terribly important. If we know what you mean then you get the points.

Here’s tonight’s cheat. It’s for the picture round it’s the fact that this guy got his medals for sailing.

Less fun fact: you absolutely HAVE to be posh to win medals at sailing. It’s de rigueur.

Anyway: the class war continues on the streets and it’s a fight that will last forever but in the meantime, take a bit of me time and get yourself to the quiz.

you owe it to yourself.


Dr Paul

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