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Thursday Episodes of Greatness

Cast off your failed=self to reveal the slimline, effective NEW YOU lurking beneath.

You may even win the quiz. Just fancy that!

Argyle Bar – 7pm. Jackpot: £180. Cheat: The music round includes George Benson. See video below…

The Newsroom – 9pm. Jackpot £50. Cheat: The Picture round contains Rick & Morty


I’ve been watching Rick and Morty since getting a breathless recommendation from a pair of hip cats earlier this year in some pub.

Normally I strongly dislike all tv but this is good. It has some great writing and great nihilism and not a little imagination. Pickle Rick is the best.

Meanwhile, what about George Benson? Well if there’s anything cooler than Rick out of Rick & Morty, it’s George Benson playing guitar, singing soul and simultaneously roller-skating, all in 1980 which is before you were even born*.

See vid:

*If you WERE born before 1980 then, ok, you cool. x

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