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Tuesday 29th October 2019

Tonight’s Quiz:

9pm – O’Connors. Jackpot: £90. Cheat clue: Freddie Mercury (music round)

It’s Tuesday which Josh’s quiz at O’Connor’s.

Cheat News

As you already know, Freddie Mercury was the greatest human ever created since Jesus.

One of his songs is in the music round tonight and it sounds like this:

Super Freddie

Here are some previously little-known Freddie facts:

  1. Freddie Mercury provided the inspiration for original arcade game Space Invaders
  2. Freddie Mercury gets away with the word “nigger” an early Queen song
  3. Freddie is always worth watching
  4. Due to complex legal settlements in his will, the ghost of Freddie Mercury still technically the legal owner the East Lothian coast between Cockburnspath and St Abbs

And if nothing is true anyway – then come and win the NINETY pounds at O’Connors tonight

9pm at O’Connor’s

O’Connor’s later

Lots of love,

Dr Paul

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Wednesday Quizzes, Edinburgh, 31st Oct

Quizzes tonight: if there are any questions related to Halloween, it’ll be a co-incidence.

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £90. Cheat: Ayr United (pic round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £90 Cheat: Barry Manilow (music round)

Aye – I’m no that bothered about Halloween although I do have a great idea for a costume for a party I’m going to on Saturday. No idea if I’ll have time to getting round to making it. It’s a washing machine.

Not that my costume choices matter to you.

What’s really important is that tonight’s jackpots are both £90 and also tonight is your last chance to enter the Dead Pool game for November

What you’re dying to know is which Barry Manilow song has made it to the Brass Monkey music round tonight. Well, it’s this one:

There’s a shitty one on youtube which, although better video quality, is thoroughly depressing as Baz is all plastic age-face and, as gives the impression of a tired old performer as he sleep-walks through the song.

But in his day, Manilow was the best.

I saw him at least twice live (it might be three times but I can’t rightly recall). The guy is a showman. Not quite Freddie Mercury, but pretty damn good.

Which reminds me: go and see Bohemian Rhapsody. It is excellent.

And if you’re coming to the quiz tonight, don’t be a fanny. Thanks.

Dr P

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drawing contest seals with jobs
From a seal drawing contest the other night. ~Lick pic to see the rest…




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Wednesday Wisdom: Go To The Pub Quiz

Quizzes tonight:

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £90. Cheat: Queen (music round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £150 Cheat: Bojack Horseman (pic round)

September is the golden month. Go out and enjoy the city for it is yours.

Wednesdays are back up and running normally, autumn leaves are just beginning to turn but summer still holds sway.

Celebrate nature. Celebrate Edinburgh. Come and drink six vodkas and have a fag. Do the quiz. WIN the quiz.

By the way, here is a cheat clue for tonight’s music round at the Joker. Once again it’s Queen:

Jesus Christ. This is not only peak Queen, but also a clip from the Greatest Film Ever Made which is, of course, Flash Gordon (1980).

If you have never seen this film you must watch it immediately. If you do so, not only will you be massively entertained, you will also understand me, Dr Paul, the quizmaster… as a whole person.

I’ve spent more or less the last thirty-five years playing this film on a loop inside my head. I think about it all the time. It is amazing. It’s better than Jesus Christ Superstar, and that’s saying something.


Here’s the advertorial.

I sell my utterly hilarious Cunto Cards in case you didn’t know.

You can always buy a deck from me tonight at the quiz and they are also available online.

If you want to try before you buy, the Joker and The Thief AND Brass Monkey on Drummond Street both have packs behind the bar you can borrow.

You can also follow Cunto Twitter for daily anti-cunto action.


Dr P


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Wednesdays Are Back To Normal: 2 Quizzes Tonight

Quizzes tonight:

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £60. Cheat: Doom (pic round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £120 Cheat: Queen (music round)

Wahey! All the festival wanks have boarded their over-crowded trains back to the rat-hub and left us once again to enjoy our city, ourselves.

My wife was up town last night for a while and said it was “so beautiful”. She specifically meant that all the tossers had departed.

More great news: Fest-end means that the Brass Monkey Wednesday night quiz is back in action. 9pm tonight on Drummond Street sees the return. Can’t wait. To make the return spicy, there is £120 in the pot already. Nice.

By the way, here is a cheat clue for tonight’s music round at the monkey. It’s Queen:

If you don’t normally watch the clips, this one might be worth your while. the video and audio are exceptionally high quality for 1981. Check it out.

And, if you’re looking for a gift for the arsehole in your life then hit me up for Cunto Cards which you can buy online or I will have a couple of decks with me tonight….

Cunto Cards



Dr P


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Thursday Night Pub Quiz Edinburgh

Quizzes Tonight:

7pm – Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £30. Cheat answer: Jessica Simpson (pic round)

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £50. Cheat answer: Pulp (music round)

NOTE: We are UPSTAIRS tonight at the Argyle Bar (i.e. the ground floor instead of the cellar)

Hey. If you’re a visitor to the city then welcome. I hope you’re having a great time.

Just do us a favour and don’t be a prick.

Also, make sure you check out local culture as well as the “Fringe”. In other words, come to the quiz tonight. Unlike all that Fringe pish, you can actually win some money.

For reading this post you get a wee bonus which is a cheat answer for tonight (see top info). The music round clue tonight is Pulp. The song sounds like this:

The video includes the technique of little kids playing young versions of the band members.

Innovative huh? Well yeah, but of course Queen had done it nine years earlier with ‘The Miracle’

Sheer quality.

Anyway, don’t bring kids to the quiz tonight. Leave them at home, get a babysitter. Get pished. Start a fight.

Yeah. Also, remember to stop me and buy a packet of Cunto Cards  if you’re looking for that special gift for the foul-mouthed fiend in your life.



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This Is How We Feel About The Queen

Last week Britain was temporarily interested in the monarchy as #longestreign became a Twitter hashtag and Elizabeth celebrated coming out from the correct fanny and then having an appropriate vacancy open up through abdication and death, meaning that she has become the de facto head of a particular country of about 60 million people for longer than anyone else has been de facto head of that particular country. Hoo fucking rah.

Anyway, to “celebrate” I asked teams to make a portrait of the Queen. Here are some of the results:

QUEEN PORTRAIT B SHARPSI liked this a lot. It looks exactly like Mutha Bacon out of Biffa Bacon out of Viz.

QUEEN PORTRAIT BEARDY MANI kind of ignored this at the time but now I’m thinking it should have won. It’s like the Elephant Man has been flattened by a milk float. It would make a great stamp.


QUEEN PORTRAIT JACKIE CHANThis was one of the “proper drawing” efforts. Aye not bad.


QUEEN PORTRAIT MATT THE CATA dark image from a dark mind

QUEEN PORTRAIT THREE SISTERSAnother “proper drawing” effort but this one has more charm, I would say.




QUEEN PORTRIATShocking deathbed scene lays waste to any meaning Prince Charles may have enjoyed during his life.


QUEEN TEAM CLAIREThis came from a foreign team. I guess this is how they see her abroad… kind of like a lady version of Harold Bishop.


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Monday Monday. Like a Sexy Ghost Snake.

Monday slithers right inside your throat like a doppel-snake, before you even wake up. And now we’re here. That’s how it works.

Tonight I offer £60 at the Brass Monkey Leith at 7pm. Cheat news: the music round contains QUEEN.

I can also give you a sneaky late night £20 but other pleasures included at The Reverie 9pm. Cheat news: SUDAN is an unexpected answer in the list round.

Speaking of sexy snakes, the Queen song in the Monkey music round is the proper album version but every time I hear the song it reminds me that youtube has the Freddy vocal, all by itself and that is something that’s worth four and a bit minutes of your time:


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