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Wednesday Quiz Action In The Great City of Edinburgh

Quizzes tonight:

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £90. Cheat: Alex Party (music round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £90 Cheat: Lisbon (pic round)

Here’s the music round cheat for the Joker:

This is one of the great Europop-rave crossover tracks, from the end of the golden age 1991-96

By ’95, rave and dance were mainstream. The subculture element was on the wane and the singles chart was full of copyists.

I don’t know who the people were behind Alex Party but the vibe on the record has enough classic rave in it to earn that slice of integrity which started to go missing in the pop scene from 1997 onwards.

Incidentally Cunto Cards are back in stock and I will have a few decks with me tonight if you’re looking for a pack.


Dr P

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