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Dance Off Devastation Leads to Golden Putt

David from GOOGLE EYED showed the world the exact meaning of a dance-off on Monday night at the Reverie.

He humped, banged and grinded his way through the occasion to leave the onlookers breathless and dazed, like the aftermath of a good shag.

The other bloke, from THE BAYES FACTOR,  never stood a chance

That was the easy bit. David then steeled himself for the £100 Golden Putt which had moved another two floorboards closer to the hole. David took his time and sent the ball unerringly into the jaws of victory.



Back to £20 next Monday – see you then…

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Team With No Name Win at Jenny’s

Jenny Ha’s Monday night pub quiz reverberated to the sound of a thousand dreams this week, most of them being shattered by automatic legends THE TEAM WITH NO NAME who teamed up with Jenny’s resident brain box, Stuart, to dominate the quiz from start to finish.

Edinburgh pub quiz team, TEAM WITH NO NAME
The Team With No Name

There was hardly any point in the final, so far ahead were the TEAM WITH NO NAME, but we did it anyway and they finished up champs by something like 12 points.

“Eat my dirt!” seemed to be the message to the other teams.

Catherine was the bird in the spotlight and she was smart enough to avoid the pitfalls and make it through to the ultimate question for £20

This week’s ultimate question:

Q. Which of these American TV shows was first on air?

  • A. A-Team
  • B. Knight Rider
  • C. Dallas
  • D. Dukes of Hazzard

Catherine got it right. Would you have done the same or would you have screwed it up UNDER PRESSURE?

More quiz action next week at Jenny Ha’s, 65 Canongate. Quiz starts at 7pm which is pretty early, so DON’T BE LATE!

By the way, congratulations to everyone who took part in the Jenny Ha’s Official Fag Break last night – a new front-door record of SIX SMOKERS!

fag break outside Jenny Ha's
Six strong fag break!

This Quiz Kills Fascists Dead

No Jacket Required (in Hell)
PC - The Beast

Big thanks to the Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Association who turned up in decent numbers to celebrate the non-nazi status of Jenny Ha’s, the Canongate’s friendliest and most inclusive boozer!

After making the news the other week, Jenny’s was keen to emphasise that the presence of the SDL/EDL was a completely random situation and nothing to do with the pub, so we held an Anti-Fascist quiz last night.

The RED CHUMPOS ended up in first place and took the wine, with Ross capitalising on some schoolboy errors by the undisputed king of Scissor-Paper-Stone (me) to get at the Beast for the Ultimate Question.

When it came, The Beast offered what I thought was a tricky little number about Robert Burns but Ross knew it before he even heard the options and so did a few others.


Would you have got this one right for £80?

Q. In 1956, which country became the first in the world to commemorate Robert Burns on a postage stamp?

  • A    USA
  • B    USSR
  • C    France
  • D    New Zealand

Reverie Jackpot on Random Ironing Question

Edinburgh pub quiz team: Tiger Woods Slept With My Mum
Tiger Woods Slept With My Mum

Dom ended up in the spotlight on Monday after his team TIGER WOODS SLEPT WITH MY MUM did enough to earn 2nd place in the quiz behind THE DUDE ABIDES who completed the double after winning at Jenny Ha’s.

Dude Abides
The Dude Abides outside the Reverie

Dom lucked his way through the cards challenge and opted for the Ironing question for the £40 jackpot.

He faced this question for the forty quid:

Q. What is the world record for continuous ironing?

A. 33 hours

B. 44 hours

C. 55 hours

D. 66 hours

On the face of it, it’s a genuine bastard of a question. How are you meant to know that? But Dominic rationalized thus:

“It was probably 55 hours, cos the previous record was probably about two days and whoever did this just wanted to break that and then do a wee bit more…”

What? Seven hours more?

Apparently so. C is the right answer and Dominic wins £40!

Next week at Reverie: The Golden Putt makes its debut at Reverie where we will be putting for cash. If I were you, I’d practice.

The Mind Crushers Are Back (Kind Of)

pub quiz winners
The Mind Crushers

When the MIND CRUSHERS first appeared, they built a fearsome Reverie reputation for being totally one hundred per cent awesome

But that was in December 2009 and the team have been quiet since then, finishing fifth and eighth, performances like that.

However, they were back with a bit of style last night, finishing second and ultimately winning the £40 jackpot money on an osbcure culinary question about oysters.

pub quiz winners Ali Campbell's Crocodile Tears
Ali Campbell's Crocodile Tears

Actual winners of the main quiz were ALI CAMPBELL’S CROCODILE TEARS who played it cool in the final round and won the wine by a single point. Isn’t Ali Campbell the bloke out of UB40? Why does he have crocodile tears? We need to be told.

Not only did these dudes win the wine but they also won a discount for this Sunday’s Reverie Love Dinner which is a tremendous bargain anyway – 4 courses for £18.

Ali Campbell’s Crocodile Tears may face a dilemma with this: three blokes but only a 2-for-1 prize. I wonder who will be left out in the cold on the night of love?

Here’s the very-difficult oyster question which Leigh-Anne answered correctly to win the Mind Crushers £40. Would you have got this?

Q. How many calories are there in a dozen raw oysters?

A. 110 calories

B. 210 calories

C. 310 calories

D. 410 calories

I don’t think I would have got that, so well done Leigh-Anne.

Next week’s jackpot: £20

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Jim Finlay Wins £60!

Jim and Jeff -winners at Jenny Ha's quiz by Dr Paul in Feb 2010
Jim n Jeff - Champs!

After several months of complaining about ‘monkey music,’ Jim (teamed with Jeff, was finally champion at Jenny Ha’s with the kind of performance that will echo around the mountains for years to come.

JIMMY RN swept aside such illustrious names as THE IDIOTS and SP, to reighn supreme at the end of the quiz.

Then, Jim was adroit with the challenes and deft with the jackpot question. He got this one right for £60. Would you have done the same?

Question: What does the name ‘Hong Kong’ mean?

  • A – Nine Dragons
  • B – Fragrant Harbour
  • C – Southern Capital
  • D – City of Azaleas

Well done to Jim who answered correctly and took the £60 cash prize. Of course, Jim was delighted by this but anger remains: Jim is still infuraiated by my refusal to get a “man’s haircut”.

Oh well Jim, you can’t have everything.

Gigantic Score at Reverie

Not Cristina Aguilera
Not Cristina Aguilera

The team name QUIZ TEAM AGUILERA is the NORFOLK AND CHANCE of the 21st century and is now woefully old and hackneyed. Please do not use it.

A much better celebrity pub quiz team name turned up on Monday at Reverie when we were joined by QUIZTOPHER BIGWINS (as in Safari – So Goody)

This team was obviosuly manned (or ladied, in fact) with original and talented thinkers because whereas a bog-standard Quiz Team Aguilera had turned up and unsurprisingly finished about tenth, Quiztopher Bigwins absolutely SLAUGHTERED the opposition and finished a record 11-points clear at the end of the quiz.

Man, they were like a steamroller.

Unluckily for them it was only good enough for the wine as Anna missed out on the new mystery vegetable challenge and this gave NOT KNOWN (Neil and Andy) the chance to steam in and grab the cash on the following question on Great Scots. Would you have answered it correctly for £20?

Q. In 2009, STV ran a poll to find the Greatest Scot of all time. Robert Burns topped the list but who came second?

A. Billy Connolly

B. William Wallace

C. James Watt

D. John Muir

Benji Over in Sixty Quiz Quid Clover

FDGT star Pierce and block-rockin pal Pete were the champs at the Reverie last night, going by the name of BENJI OVER.

winning pub quiz team
Pete, Pierce and Gill as BENJI OVER

It was a proper ding-dong battle as BENGT INC and THE MIND CRUSHERS and THE TEAM WITH NO NAME all swapped the lead but in the last round it was BENJI OVER’s bravery and a frankly lily-livered show from MIND CRUSHERS that settled it, the Mind Crushers only choosing to answer one question in the minefield.

So, wine for Pete and Pierce but then it was challenge-tastic Pierce who blew the horn for over 20 seconds (never mind 10) and correctly answered the ultimate £60 question.

Would you have got this right?

Q. What year did Wham! split up

A. 1983
B. 1984
C. 1985
D. 1986

Pierce knew this one – even before the options were given and it was sixty quid all the way.

Back to basics for next week  – £20 but remember: next Monday is also Burns Night so there will be a full-on Burns-Night quiz and you can get a rather good dinner for £8.95.

£100 winners at Jenny Ha’s

Stun n Chad - £100 winners
Stun n Chad - £100 winners

Stuart recovered well from last week’s incident in which he deemed the trivia challenge “unfair” when he was forced to give an answer within half an hour.

This week, he got all the leeway he needed:

Question: What was Cartier the first to make in 1904…?

Answer: Wristwatch

Stuart answered “watch” and I think it was fair enoguh to offer him the chance to be more specific, which he duly did and got the answer on the card.

Anyway, that cleared the way for the ultimate question about leprechauns. Stuart got this right for £100: would you have done the same?

Question: Leprechauns only started wearing green in the 20th century. What was the traditional colour of their clothes before then?

A. Yellow

B. Blue

C. Red

D. White

Would you have got it right? Stuart did and celebrated in booze with team-mate Chad who looked good for a man who was unable to get home to Canada for Christmas because his taxi on the way to the airport CRASHED!

Glad you’re OK Chad and hopefully a share of £100 will erase the memory of a Christmas without family!

Mystery Voice = No Problem

An easy win for EASY DRAW
Jokes round glory for wacky scientists QUIZZIE RASCAL
Top class winners EASY DRAW
Top class winners EASY DRAW

Bent (Swedish name) and his tremendous team EASY DRAW were the kings of theReverie quiz last night, finishing 2 points clear of BARSHAMBLES and earning the wine and a shot at the money.

I was kinda hoping the mystery voice would be tricky enough to last a couple of weeks but EASY DRAW, along with several other teams simply knew the answer.

Would you know who this is?
Mystery Voice No.1

As well as being top dogs at the Reverie, EASY DRAW are also top tof the league after three December quizzes.

Meanwhile, credit goes to loveable science-geeks QUIZZIE RASCAL who stunned the bar into silence with a joke about something to do with ice and bunsen burners falling in love, but it only being a phase. Phase needed to be underlined to identify the punch-word.