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Christopher Walken Is Thirty-Six-Ish

Pulled Pork spent ages trying to work out the age of this face in the picture round the other night at the Persevere.

Christopher Walken in Dogs of War
About 36 or 37, probz

Of course, all I was asking was the identity of the actor which, as you probably know, is Christopher Walken.

After a bit of searching, I found the picture is from the 1980 film ‘Dogs of War’.

The film was released in December 1980 so they were probably filming it earlier that year. Walken was born in March 1943, so in March 1980 he owuld have turned 37.

So in the picture he’s 36 or 37.

That’s as much research on this highly trivial topic that I prepared to make.

I can’t be arsed to go into any more detail.

I’m already questioning the point of this blog post.

God only knows what you’re thinking if you’re reading it.

Maybe it’s sunny outside as you read this.

No such problems here.

It’s absolutely pishing down, and has been all day.

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