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Monday Glory, Possibly Tragedy

Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot:£50. Cheat: Argentina (pic round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £30. Cheat news: Chase & Status (music round)

Monday is brilliant. Great people in great pubs doing great things to each other before, during and after the quiz.

The quiz is just part of it. The whole experience is what counts. Just the same as going to church is more than just the communion. More than just the hymns…

Speaking of music, here’s the cheat info relating to the Safari tonight: a music clip from Chase and Status. It’s not a hymn…

There’s some fairly heavy make up in that video. It’s like Arbroath in 1987.

Hey. Did you know there is a page on Wikipedia for Kings and Queens who are/were LGBT?


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LGBT Teens Swamp Smart City Quiz

Vikiterranian - winners at Smart City on the 10 Dec 2009
Vikiterranian - winners at Smart City on the 10 Dec 2009

Last night’s quiz at the Smart City Cafe was gayer than flamingos of the same sex making love in a boutique. The reason? A visiting LGBT Worldwide Youth Conference took over the quiz.

Disappointingly, the gay teams refrained from camping it up and the only evidence of their artistic natures came in the Moonwalk contest which was ably nailed by a Norwegian bloke and a girl from Holland.

Meanwhile, our regular teams floundered like fish in a net and failed to trouble the lead, with the possible exception of Freudian Slip who’s direct insults of me in the jokes rounds didn’t work as well as the last time they tried that tactic.

Freudian Slip are now first place overall in the December League Table

VIKITERRANIAN were the winning team – they took the booze and then a little bit of trivia action from the geezer with the specs (can’t Remember his name – was it Conrad?) secured the £20 prize for the team.

How could anyone not want this?
How could anyone not want this?

Excellent performance and congratulatioins to VIKITERRAINIAN. Scorn, however, is reserved for ELIZABETH LGBT TAYLOR who shunned the awesome plastic Mum-Ra-style Egyptian skull toy.

After winning the jokes rounds with some crap about a cup of tea – they showed no interest whatsoever in the best prize I’ve given away for ages. Like a cross between Iron Maiden and Thudnercats. Duh! Oh well – I get to pick it up and give it away again at the next quiz. Roll on Monday.

Dr Paul