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Dead Pool Line Up May 2017

Here are the names you chose to back for death on the #deadpool for May 2017.

Bigger font = more people choosing that name, so once again the front runners include Donald Trump who has been ‘popular’ on dead pool for many months now and Prince Philip who has had to retire despite not actually doing anything in the first place.

If you’re too knackered to even do fuck all… maybe it’s time?

Other top picks include Brucie, Kirky and Bush (Senior), as usual. There was fresh heat for piano player Elton John after his well-reported illness and Alex Ferguson has been picking up the votes so I guess he must have been on TV at some point, looking ropey.

Fun new entries this month include Angela Lansbury, Dennis Skinner (The Beast of Bolsover), Penelope Keith and Karem Abdul-Jabbar (the basketballer).

Dead Pool May 2017
Dead Pool May 2017

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