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Sunday Night Is Tonight. Come And Win The Quiz If You Are Bright.

The Persevere, 6pm. Jackpot: £30. CheaT: The music round includes Counting Crows (see vid below)

Tolbooth Tavern, 8pm. Jackpot £30. Cheat: One of the answers is Daphne Blake

Who the hell are Counting Crows? I’m not sure. I always see their sheet music in charity shops.I always wrote them off because of their name. I thought, who wants to count crows? That sounds tedious. They must be tedious.

Listening to this video now, there’s obvious artistry but they remind me of R.E.M. It’s all a little po-faced, a bit too worthy for me. Where are the jokes? But I can see why people like them.

And the guy with the dreads is asking for a slap.

God they don’t half go on as well. The song is still playing and that’s me finished the post. Doesn’t happen too often..

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