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Education Gets Shelved

The future is no education. There will be robots to think and do everything. Why train a human?

While you consider this bleak outlook, treasure the brain you still have, take it to the pub and make it think answers for you at the quiz while you simultaneously murder it with booze. You can get away with it by calling it ‘symbiotic’.


The Persevere, 6pm

Jackpot tonight: A whop-bop £60

Cheat: The picture round includes the answer Greece

Tolbooth Tavern, 8pm

Jackpot tonight: Cash sum of £60

Cheat: The music round at the Tolbooth tonight includes the answer Hot Butter. It’s all about this apocalyptic banger:

Meanwhile: consider this. Since they dropped the first atomic bomb in 1945 the power has existed to kill us all in one go.

The psychological impact of knowing this and living with this knowledge makes us who we are today.

There can be no comparing people from pre-1945 to us because this knowledge makes us all fundamentally different to people from before that time. There was no way that destroying everyone in one shot could be comprehended back then. We’ve lived with it every day of our lives. No wonder we’re all mad.

quiz people doing quiz things
quiz people doing quiz things

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