£80 Win For Quizzicals

LET’S GET QUIZZICAL were the overall Champions for April and they cashed in when their Million Pound scratchcard bore shocking fruit: fifteen quid!

scratchcard-15 pound

The team followed this success with a hard-fought close victory over THE DEAL.

Let's Get Quizzical
Let's Get Quizzical

And soon, they found  themselves facing THE BEAST for £80.

Question: Who is or was Phil Collins’s favourite James Bond?

A – Daniel Craig

B – Roger Moore

C – Timothy Dalton

D – Sean Connery

Rachel from the Quizzicals chose correctly: its Sean Connery because of his brutality and man’s man charisma. Result: £80!

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Bad Answer – The Clue is In The Question

From Jenny Ha’s last Monday

Q: Which Scottish football manager won the title of Manager of The Year in the English Premiership in season 2000 – 2001. Clue; It’s not Alex Ferguson.

A. Alex Ferguson

The question is tricky, granted. But you think the clue might have made it a bit easier?

Real answer… George Burley

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Weakest Link

Anne Robinson on Weakest Link
So, what kind of Doctor are you, "Doctor Paul"?

Next Tuesday I’ve got an audition for appearing as a contestant on The Weakest Link.

The stupid thing is that I’ve told them I’m a quizmaster. This is certain to create some hilarious rude banter from Robinson when I get a question wrong but, far more seriously, means I am almost certain to get voted out by my quiz rivals who will believe (falsely) that being a quizmaster = knowing everything.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can get in touch with them and asked to be changed to “DJ” or “Karaoke guy” or something?

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Watch Secret Fortune Being Recorded in Glasgow

Nick Knowles
Nick Knowles

Would you like to go and see a big-league quiz show unfolding live, before your very eyes?

A pal of mine, Mary, is putting together an audience for The National Lottery “Secret Fortune,” an exciting new Saturday Night game show for BBC1, hosted by Nick Knowles.

It’s a brand new BIG MONEY quiz sho,  featuring a pair of contestants guaranteed to leave with a Secret Fortune. How big that Fortune is will depend on how well they cope with a series of life-changing decisions.

The show will be recorded at BBC Scotland Pacific Quay, Glasgow and Mary is looking for a lively audience to join in on the fun!

A pilot for the show is being recorded on Thursday 13th May


Thursday 24th June
Friday 25th June
Saturday 26th June
Sunday 27th June
Monday 28th June

To apply email:    television.audience@googlemail.com
Or call 0141 334 7186

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Unlucky Table Curse Defeated at Newsroom

Once I pointed out to our largest regular Thursday team that they were sitting at the unlucky table where no winning team had ever sat before, they were on a mission to destroy the curse.

To emphasise the point, they called themselves THE REVENGE OF THE UNLUCKY TABLE, and that’s what panned out.

Newsroom quiz winners
Revenge of The Unlucky Table

It wasn’t TOO difficult to achieve this on a night dominated by politics which seemed to keeping folk off the streets.

However give them their dues – they won in style (11 point margin) and the curse is dead. The wine was theirs and they even had a bit of THREE POUND scratchcard glory.

3 pound scratchcard winner
three pound winner

Unfortunately, the BEAST was too strong and the riddle rolls over. £20 next week. And, by the way, special mention to second place team CAN I GET A BIG HAND FOR JEREMY BEADLE, perhaps the best team name of the week.

A Big Hand for Beadle
A Big Hand for Beadle

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April League Winners – Let’s Get Quizzical

I’m going to rest the league for the next few months – until I get a sponsor anyway. However, I will be replacing the million pound scratch-card prize for teams in the boozer with an online contest. All you have to do to enter is sign up to the mailing list. Towards the end of the motnh I will send out a question or questions and the best answer will win a million pounds.

In the meantime, Let’s Get Quizzical pipped One Swell Foop for the honours in April, so I’ll give them a million pounds (in scratchcards) when I see them.

Let's Get Quizzical
Let's Get Quizzical

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Amazing Dance Off Leads to £100

Last night at The Reverie saw an epic battle between awesome legends BENGT, LETS GET QUIZZICAL and E=MC HAMMER SQUARED plus new names like COLOMBO KICKS LANSBURY’S ARSE.

However, in the end it was previous £100 winners GOOGLE EYED who found their form at just the right time to finish first in a three-way tie with NEMO and COLOMBO KICKS LANSBURY’S ARSE.

The only sensible solution to a 3-way tie was the dance off. There was an immediate contrast with Gordon from Google Eyed flipping like a weird panther while Stuart from NEMO just complained about his leg. Falling in between was Brendan from COLOMBO KICKS LANSBURY’S ARSE who was a bit like the Lib Dems as everyone liked him, but just not quite enough.

dance off action
dance off action

There’s Gordon, thrilling the punters IN THEIR FACE. The winning team as a whole looked like this:

Google Eyed
Google Eyed

The Riddle of the Beast proved a tricky one and it came down to a choice of Phil Collins’s favourite Britney Spears track being either:

  • Hit Me Baby One More Time
  • Toxic
  • I’m a Slave 4 U
  • Do Somethin

Gordon went for “I’m a Slave For You”  – based on PC’s love of old-fashioned morals and its the confidence paid off. The £100 was THAT EASY!

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