Quizzes Tonight

Only a few hours before tonight’s quizzes. Here’s what you need to know for tonight:

Jenny Ha’s

Start – 7pm #### Jackpot £40 #### Special subject – Scotland In The Movies ####


Start – 9pm #### Jackpot £20 #### Special subject – American Cities ####


Of course, it is pancake day tomorrow so for extra focus – we will be having a pancake flipping contest at the Reverie tonight.

Tiger Drawing

If all else fails – there will be a tiger-drawing contest at the Reverie tonight. Suddenly it’s all about SKILLS

See: http://dpquizlive.co.uk/archives/615


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Audition for The Chase

The Chase, ITVMy quest to have a go at every single British quiz show that pays a cash prize has taken another step forward with the news that I’ve got an audition at the end of this month for The Chase.

The show is on ITV 1, is presented by Bradley Walsh and is a variation on the Eggheads theme of beating champion quizzers at their own game, except this time there is only one ‘brain’ instead of five.

Here’s the ending of the first show form last year’s pilot series: The Chaser in this clip is Mark Labbett who once won £32,000 on Millioniare and plainly knows his shit. This is what stands in the way.

So, the quizzing looks pretty hard but it might be one of these things where you can take a good guess at the question setters’ preferences. On Eggheads I would have done well to study at US state capitals, and in this case it might be clever to look at Kings of England.

The Mind Crushers Are Back (Kind Of)

pub quiz winners
The Mind Crushers

When the MIND CRUSHERS first appeared, they built a fearsome Reverie reputation for being totally one hundred per cent awesome

But that was in December 2009 and the team have been quiet since then, finishing fifth and eighth, performances like that.

However, they were back with a bit of style last night, finishing second and ultimately winning the £40 jackpot money on an osbcure culinary question about oysters.

pub quiz winners Ali Campbell's Crocodile Tears
Ali Campbell's Crocodile Tears

Actual winners of the main quiz were ALI CAMPBELL’S CROCODILE TEARS who played it cool in the final round and won the wine by a single point. Isn’t Ali Campbell the bloke out of UB40? Why does he have crocodile tears? We need to be told.

Not only did these dudes win the wine but they also won a discount for this Sunday’s Reverie Love Dinner which is a tremendous bargain anyway – 4 courses for £18.

Ali Campbell’s Crocodile Tears may face a dilemma with this: three blokes but only a 2-for-1 prize. I wonder who will be left out in the cold on the night of love?

Here’s the very-difficult oyster question which Leigh-Anne answered correctly to win the Mind Crushers £40. Would you have got this?

Q. How many calories are there in a dozen raw oysters?

A. 110 calories

B. 210 calories

C. 310 calories

D. 410 calories

I don’t think I would have got that, so well done Leigh-Anne.

Next week’s jackpot: £20

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Smart Team – Thought They Would Know The Answer To This One…

winning pub quiz team at Dr Paul pub quiz

A killer team of hardened quiz pros from Leith turned up to Jenny Ha’s last night, blasting quiz heat all over the regulars, and finishing first by 16 points in a flurry of knowledge the likes of which the pub had never seen before.

They went with the name THE DUDE ABIDES and won the wine, nae bother – and I expected them to make light work of the jackpot question, particularly when it turned out to be a geography question which is the kind of thing that proper quiz folk gobble up and spit out like unwanted chips.

Here’s the question they faced for £20:

pub quiz winning team at Dr Paul pub quiz
The other two DUDES

Q. Which New York borough is connected to Brooklyn via the Verrazano Narrows bridge?

A. Queens

B. Manhattan

C. Bronx

D. Staten Island

After much conflabbing of minds, memories and mental maps, the team opted for Queens. This is not the right answer. Do you know what is?

Meanwhile, congrats to Jo, Jamie and Kylie, the funniest bar staff in the world. Well, they must be because they won the jokes round.

And the jokes prize this week? none other than THE HONEY MONSTER.


Rollover: £40 next week

5 Questions from the Deal or No Deal Contestant Application Form

Deal or No Deal (Malaysia)
The girls of Deal or No Deal (Malaysia)

My mission to appear on all of Britain’s cash-prize game shows continues with the Deal or No Deal application form.

As you might have guessed for a show that has no quiz content, the questions on the application form are designed to tease out my ‘personality’ and determine whether or not I will make good telly when I appear.

The form is lengthy but the “save and return later” feature means I can take my time about filling in the form and try to think of something good to write for the trickier questions.

If I get on the show I could end up a quarter of a million pounds better off, so its probably worth taking my time over this (the deadline for submission is the end of March).

There is plenty of the usual stuff about whether or not I would consider myself competitive (please give examples), but here are five of the more difficult moments on the form.

What do you think I should write for these..?

  1. What would be a life changing amount of money and what would you spend it on?
  2. Who is your all time hero and why?
  3. If you could swap lives with someone for a day, who would it be and why? (You can’t say The Banker or Noel)
  4. If you were to take The Banker out for a day or night, where would you take him and what would you do?
  5. Write a 4 – line poem about Deal or No Deal

By the way, if you want to apply yourself, go to the Deal or No Deal website to get started,


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Whose Seat is Arthur’s?

Always on the lookout for local quiz stuff, I climbed Arthur’s Seat last week to see if I could answer the question:

Question: Can you see both Forth Bridges from the Top of Arthur’s Seat?

Dr Paul researcing quiz questions up Arthur's Seat
Dr Paul researching quiz questions up Arthur's Seat

The answer is: yes you can, in fact you don’t have to go that far, you can see them both from even from the top of Sailsbury Crags. But anyway – its a nice little local geography question.

Meanwhle, I’ve had a harder time establishing the origin of Arthur. Whose seat is it anyway? Who is Arthur? The Wikipedia page isn’t too helpful, saying it might be to do with King Arthur and providing an incomplete (as I write) reference about the name being a corruption of Archer’s Seat.

Does anyone know for sure?

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