Rollover at Jenny’s

The Burns Night quiz gave us a great contest, finally won by BURNS’S BOYS who claimed that they guessed all the answers.

Whatever works!

However, Jason from the team was unlucky with the jackpot question and it means we have a rollover and a pot of £60 on offer next Monday.

The ultimate question was on the topic of ‘Robert Burns Remembered.’ Would you have got the ultimate question correct:

Q. In 1802, which town became the first to host an official Burns Supper?

A. Selkirk

B. Ayr

C. Dumfries

D. Greenock

Loose Quiz Question Request

dpquiz screenshot
My Other Website

My other website does free quiz questions for quizmasters and the idea is that you’re supposed to browse for whatever questions you want and copy and paste accordingly.

It’s self-service.

Then I got this beautifully non-specific email the other day from Arish. Here is the entire text of his email:

Dear Sir
Kindly send me some free quiz questions please

You know what Arish? Maybe I’ll just send you a link.


Dr Paul

World’s First: Negative Points!

I’ve been running pub quizzes since the mid-1990s but I have never seen anyone finish a quiz with MINUS points unti lthe other night at Jenny Ha’s when Willie, going under the team name SCOTIA managed this epic feat.

Having built up a flimsy 8 points in the first four rounds, Willie went for beroke in the minefield round, answering all five questions, getting them all wrong and scoring minus 2 for each: total score for the round: minus 10, total score for the quiz: minus 2.


Kev Is NOT Going To Come Last

The team was called KEV’S GOING TO COME LAST but this turned out to be the worst prediction of the night as Kev stormed to a draw finish with WEE AND VICIOUS and them took them out on the sudden death trivia. Class.

Quiz Winner at Jenny Ha's
Kev's a winner

Kev also passed the challenge to face the ultimate question but stumbled on this one so the rollover is up to £40 for next week.

Would you have got this…?

Q. Which of these countries has the highest population?

A. Taiwan

B. Tanzania

C. Thailand

D. Turkey

The right answer would have got Kev £20 but alas, no!

See you all next week for a Burns’ Night themed super Scottish quiz.

Benji Over in Sixty Quiz Quid Clover

FDGT star Pierce and block-rockin pal Pete were the champs at the Reverie last night, going by the name of BENJI OVER.

winning pub quiz team
Pete, Pierce and Gill as BENJI OVER

It was a proper ding-dong battle as BENGT INC and THE MIND CRUSHERS and THE TEAM WITH NO NAME all swapped the lead but in the last round it was BENJI OVER’s bravery and a frankly lily-livered show from MIND CRUSHERS that settled it, the Mind Crushers only choosing to answer one question in the minefield.

So, wine for Pete and Pierce but then it was challenge-tastic Pierce who blew the horn for over 20 seconds (never mind 10) and correctly answered the ultimate £60 question.

Would you have got this right?

Q. What year did Wham! split up

A. 1983
B. 1984
C. 1985
D. 1986

Pierce knew this one – even before the options were given and it was sixty quid all the way.

Back to basics for next week  – £20 but remember: next Monday is also Burns Night so there will be a full-on Burns-Night quiz and you can get a rather good dinner for £8.95.

Crap Answers From Last Night

Two spectacular wrong answers last night. First of all at Jenny Ha’s came this question in a round entitled “The Seventies”:

Q. What year in the 1970s were Dannii Minogue, Ewan MCGregor and Gary Barlow all born.

A. 1961

And then, up at the Reverie was a picture question, a night-city skyline full of skyscapers and light.

Q. Which city in Germany in this?

A. Amsterdam.

It’s not 1942 any more, darlings.

Eggheads Rocked by Doc & Pals

The Eggheads and Me
The Eggheads and Me

So, “Dr Paul’s All Stars” recorded an episode of Eggheads on Thursday, starring sensational Glasgow-based DP Quizzers: Alan, Gam and Murray, plus the legendary Catherin who occasionally deigns to make an appearance at the Reverie.

I’m not allowed to tell you how we got on  – we signed confidentiality agreement – but I can tell you that the Eggheads were rocked to their very core by our medium-to-awesome quiz power. Well played team!

I had never been a regular viewer of Eggheads but since applying for the show, I managed to watch a few episodes and I also discovered just how much the eggehads have become hate-figures.

Here is a ‘tribute’ poem someone left of the Eggheads Facebook group:

Judith with her make up Plastered,
Kevin, sad old four eyed bastard.
Daphne has a crack head smile,
Chris, a big fat Paedophile,
And CJ, well I must be blunt,
Hes just a fucking massive c*nt!

Having met them now and played a nail-biting quiz against them all I can say is that they were all perfectly pleasant in the flesh. The only real surprise si just how big Chris actually is. He’s HUGE!

And sure, CJ acts the fanny, but that’s the role he’s choosing to play – I think it’s a bit of an act.

Vino (sexy)

Star of the show is the impressive host Jeremy Vine, or Vino as we were called him. Cool, witty and hugely professional – he’s the UK’s smoothest Vine since David (deceased).

Vino holds a strange power over women and is known to have a certain mesemeric, rapturous effect on a certain member of kitchen staff at the Reverie.

When I told him of the physical effect the sound of his voice has on one of our chefs, Vino was totally unsurprised. “I bet it does” he replied, with a tiny amount of extra eyebrow.

Jeremy Vine – possibly one of the greatest ever missed opportunities for the producers of the James Bond movies.

Eggheads Die Tomorrow

One more sleep until I take on the Eggheads with the help of Catherine (from the TEAM WITH NO NAME) who comes to the Reverie, plus various quiz geniuses from  the Glasgow days.

Me & CJ - same barber?

The Eggheads die tomorrow morning round about 9am in a Glasgow TV studio, so remember them fondly: the ‘jolly’ one, the glaikit one, the slimy one, the other one and the bird.

Everyone has their own favourite Egghead. CJ de Mooi seems particularly well-liked whenever I bring the subject up.

There are six in the team (five on screen plus a reserve) and the most amount of money ever won is £75,000. If we win that, it’ll be twelve and a half grand each which would buy you a house in the 1970s but makes for a decent holiday now.

However, the prize fund on the show is based on rollovers (+ £1000 every time the Eggheads win), so if they lose the show prior to ours, we’ll be playing for £166.67 each.

No matter – the point is we have a system and we’re going to beat them!

Bring it on!

Crushers Crushed – New Champs Are Hippies

The Eco Ecos
The Eco Ecos

The Reverie breathed a sigh of relief last night as The Mind Crushers’ fortnight of terror ended with a fourth-placed finish.

The new champs are The Eco Ecos, so named because they all study Ecology Economics which is making money out of “sustainable” situations. Green Capitalists? Aye right.

Anyway, the Eco Ecos nearly won a wholly unsustainable £40 but Orla was poor on the old Top Trumps and so it was up to CHALLENGE MASTER Bengt from A New Hope to come up and simply WIN the Top Trumps challenge.

Begnt is from Sweden, that’s why he is a better person than all of us, and he proves it  week after week by swatting aside any challenge I can create for him.

However, the Swede’s super-powers temporarily deserted him when it came to naming Britain’s favourite biscuit (as per a recent survey).

Would you have known this for £40?

Question: According to a recent survey – what is Britain’s favourite biscuit?

A. Rich Tea

B. Custard Cream

C. Bourbon

D. Jammy Dodger

As someone pointed out afterwards, favourite is not necessarily the same as top-selling. So be careful how you answer.

In any case, Bengt got it wrong so we are playing for SIXTY POUNDS next week.

See you then

Dr Paul

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