Drawing Contest – Dinosaur With A Job

Monday at the Reverie saw another drawing contest instead of the old jokes round.

This time the challenge was to draw a dinosaur with a job.

Here’s what we got:

This nearly won. It’s a brontosaurus working in a pub, serving a very drunk T-Rex and was handed in by QUIZ TEAM AGUILERA

This was by PEDRO ALANIA and I thought it was pretty good – a cleaner dinosaur. Another close contender.

dinosaurthis was the dserved winner, excellent use of colour and I particularly like how the children are plainly terrified by their very protector. A huge and deadly T Rex is a great choice to be a lollipop lady. Nice hiring, the council.

This one is paeleontologist dinosaur. Ironic as fuck. Not a winner.

The team that won had this as back up. It could have won on its own.

This was the entry from Easy Lionel. Not bad but maybe not enough bling.

And I liked this but the judge (Mark) was having none of it.

Sorry to some of the others – I managed to lose the kissogram one and the builder one and maybe a few  others but take it easy, eh? It’s just the quiz!

Golden Putt Rolls Again

After a legend-sized battle head to head with DOM AND THE NON-DOMS, a hastily cobbled-together squad called THE SOUTHSIDE DIPLOMATS came back from a slow start and eventually won the quiz by five clear points.

Southside Diplomats

However, Ian from the team (pictured, right) missed the answer to this trivia question:

What colour does the moon appear to trun during a lunar eclipse?

Ian sed blue but the answer on the card was red. If he’s said brown or purple then I would have given him that because that’s what it looked like to me when I saw a lunar eclipse. Thankfully for clarity, blue is just wrong.

Step forward Rachel from LET’S GET QUIZZICAL and she blows me out of the water on warship Top Trumps and gets a crack at the Golden Putt.

the golden putt

Rachel’s line was true but the strength was too much and the ball skipped over the top for another rollover. Rachel did reveal afterwards that her sport is rugby rather than gold so taht might explain the weight in the shot. To be fair it was more like a 3-wood drive than a putt.

Anyway, apart from that the highlight of the evening was the dinosaur drawing contest. Full display on a separate post, but this was the winner:

lollipop rex
Lollipop Rex

Next Monday – jackpot is £80

3 Stooges Win At Jenny’s

The Three Stooges used to show up at the Smart City Hostel quiz and put in a Monday appearance at Jenny Ha’s.

The move paid off when they brushed aside the opposition and landed themselves a bottle of highest-quality PLONK for coming first.

pub quiz winners
there were actually three of them, but this guy owns the photo.

Unfortunately the trivia challenge was a bridge too far and that let second-placed Stuart in to throw the darts for cash.

The new challenge is to hit a target figure with three darts for the money. The target started at 80 and Stuart was unable to do this, so the money jackpot rises to £40 next week and the darts target comes down to 70 points.

dart in board
Throw darts for cash!

Can you do it? It’s a bully of a challenge, next Monday at Jenny Ha’s – the pub of a thousand faces!

Tonight’s quizzes

Jenny Ha’s – 7pm – £20 jackpot. Excitement builds as we wait to see if the official Jenny Ha’s fag break will exceed last week’s record of SIX SMOKERS.

Reverie – 9pm. £60 is up for grabs in the Golden Putt. Scandinavian sports-adonis Bengt uncharacteristically screwed up last week. Will we get a winner tonight?

Waiting for the cheat phrase? Sign up to the newsletter (right hand side).

The Golden Putt

Even Bengt Has His Limits

Bengt does not kill people

Pub quiz superman Bengt was back from a stint in Germany in which he claims he was NOT killing German people.

Of course, the presence of the Swede meant that his team DOM & THE NON DOMS made turnips out of the other teams and finished winners by a clear four points.

Bengt will always beat whatever challenge I set him. That’s what makes him superhuman and no one can prevent this happening. This proved the case again last night with the Top-Trumps as his Jennifer Aniston beat my Catherine Zeta-Jones.

How does he do it?

Anyway, it all came down to the Golden Putt and after Sarah’s narrow miss last week, Bengt was allowed to move the ball one foot closer to the hole and go for it. Here he goes…

the golden putt
The Golden Putt

Unfortunately, the magic deserted Bengt this time as he sent his effort wide right and with far too much power on the ball. This means that next week the tee moves ONE FOOT CLOSER to the hole and the jackpot goes up to £60.

See you at 9pm next week

By the way – the jokes round was bloody awful last night and next week we will have a dinosaur-based darwing competition. Details on the night.

Team With No Name Win at Jenny’s

Jenny Ha’s Monday night pub quiz reverberated to the sound of a thousand dreams this week, most of them being shattered by automatic legends THE TEAM WITH NO NAME who teamed up with Jenny’s resident brain box, Stuart, to dominate the quiz from start to finish.

Edinburgh pub quiz team, TEAM WITH NO NAME
The Team With No Name

There was hardly any point in the final, so far ahead were the TEAM WITH NO NAME, but we did it anyway and they finished up champs by something like 12 points.

“Eat my dirt!” seemed to be the message to the other teams.

Catherine was the bird in the spotlight and she was smart enough to avoid the pitfalls and make it through to the ultimate question for £20

This week’s ultimate question:

Q. Which of these American TV shows was first on air?

  • A. A-Team
  • B. Knight Rider
  • C. Dallas
  • D. Dukes of Hazzard

Catherine got it right. Would you have done the same or would you have screwed it up UNDER PRESSURE?

More quiz action next week at Jenny Ha’s, 65 Canongate. Quiz starts at 7pm which is pretty early, so DON’T BE LATE!

By the way, congratulations to everyone who took part in the Jenny Ha’s Official Fag Break last night – a new front-door record of SIX SMOKERS!

fag break outside Jenny Ha's
Six strong fag break!

The Chase Audition

The Chase, ITVLast Sunday I was in Glasgow to audition for The Chase, which piloted on ITV 1 last year and is back this year for a full series.

Unfortunately the audition clashed with Old Firm day, so although I got a whole table to myself at Waverley, the train filled up at Haymarket with a herd of tattooed fellers who spent the rest of the hour growling “We Arra Peepel” and bragging about how late they were out last night.

I’ve been to a few of these quiz show auditions now and a fairly standard procedure is emerging which involves two parts:

  • Personality: You talk about yourself in an attempt to prove you are NOT REALLY REALLY BORING
  • Quizzing: You prove you can actually answer  a question or two.

This time the talk-about-yourself bit was a straightforward 2-minutes speech from each punter as we moved around the semi-circle of 9 hopefuls.

auditioning for The Chase
Waiting to hear who's got the nod

Talking about how great you are to the panel of 3 production staff, eight potential rivals all in two minutes is rather like a super-condensed job interview. Here’s a tip: don’t go for this if you’re the kind of person likely to go to pieces.

To add to the pressure, first up was Brian from Edinburgh pub quiz legends THE DUDE ABIDES who had co-incidentally shown up on the same day. I already knew Brian is a top quizzer but I did not know that he’s got loads of stories to tell, including a border incident in war-torn Sierra Leone. Brian nailed his 2 minutes, filling it up with rat-a-tat nuggets of real interest, leaving me in no doubt that there would be a big green tick beside his name and wondering how to follow it.

I was next and my contribution was unprepared and therefore felt a bit meandering and woolly. I tried a few funnies but wasn’t really getting the laughs. The panel had asked us to mention evidence of risk-taking in our lives so I told them about the time I was Naked Elvis.

This appeared to get no reaction and at this point I was wondering if I had fucked up. And that was my two minutes.

The rest of the group included an extremely bubbly woman from Fife, a woman from Nigeria who now lives in Glasgow, a big friendly bald bloke, a Glasgow cabbie who once won a car on Real Radio, a copper who had previously won £50k on 1 vs 100, a self-employed woman from Helensburgh, a student-y bloke and a full-time mum (“the hardest job in the world – and the least paid”).

The quizzy part of the audition involved filling in a sheet, exam style. No talking! I felt good with the questions and I knew that some others didn’t – the extremely bubbly woman kept screaming that she didn’t know any of the answers. No talking!

Also, I know that Brian knows more or less everything but when we were chatting afterwards he revealed that he didn’t know which Sesame Street muppet lives in a bin.

There followed a slightly ludicrous game of outburst/scattergories which involved a lot of shouting and a final episode where we mimicked the final part of The Chase by answering questions “as a team”. In reality, this was me and Brian taking turns to shout out the answers. This was filmed as well and I suppose they were looking to see how confident and how quick you could be.

I understand that at most contestant auditions, they will send you away and let you know later. However, on this occasion, the prodcution team told us on the day if we had been successful.

waiting to  hear
Expectancy and Fear: waiting to hear...

We all filed back to the other room and had about five minutes to guess what was going to happen before the woman came through and told us who had got through. Six of the nine got through and I thoguht this did not include me  but my name was the last one. Phew.

This means I am on a shortlist of 240, from which they will need 160 contestants so from here I’ve got a 2/3 chance to get on the show.

Yvonne, the very very bubbly woman was not picked. I thought they would take her because she was so bright and bubbly but it looks like the trivia knocked her out. She thoguht she scored maybe one or two out of twenty on the quiz and the drama in The Chase depends largely on how close the contestants can run The Chaser. It was a shame because she’d be great on-screen. I think she said she’d been on Golden Balls. That seems about right. She should apply for Deal or No Deal.

The full-time mum also didn’t make it and she seemed pretty aggrieved. I don’t know what her trivia was like but perhaps the chatty bit let her down as she was determined in insisting that her life was not as interesting as the others – perhaps not a great tactic. Also, maybe the full-time-mum-hardest-job-in-the-world thing didn’t strike a chord with the all-female panel who are obviously “career types”.

Anyway – the hardest and worst-paid job in the world would be in some kind of chemicals factory in Western China?

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