The Gang (Uber Hate) Much Love

THE GANG are the crew from the festival show Uber Hate Gang, which is getting 5-star reviews at the Underbelly.

After flopping at last week’s quiz, the crew came back, determined to win and that’s exactly what they did, putting allcomers to the theatrical sword.

What was very nice of them was to put a couple of tickets up for the winners of the jokes round to go and see their performance tomorrow (Thursday). So thanks for that.

Go and see "Uber Hate Gang" at the Underbelly

Despite the win, no one from The Gang or any other team could win the jackpot and so we roll up to an impressive £120 next week.

Also next week we’re hoping to break the record for the Jenny Ha’s Fag Break which was equalled this week with TEN smokers and friends.

Ten folk - the record is equalled!

Remember: you don’t have to smoke to take part in the fag break!

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You Can Touch Dale Winton, in September!

Dale Winton, slicker than an ox.
You might touch Dale Winton and he might touch you.

The National Lottery show In It To Win It needs audience members for recordings of the show in Glasgow in September.

You could be there and feel the excitement of Dale plus big money. You might even get close enough to touch his actual body. Who knows?

The show will be recorded at BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay, Glasgow on:

* Monday 6th September
* Tuesday 7th September
* Wednesday 8th September
* Friday 10th September
* Saturday 11th September
* Sunday 12th September

To register for FREE tickets, email or call 0141 334 7186

Please state: how many tickets you require; a preferred date; whether you can make a daytime or evening recording; and leave a contact telephone number.

You have to be 16 and there’s all kinds of Terms and Conditions buts its just the usual pish. Get in there and TOUCH DALE.

If you do actually TOUCH Dale Winton as a result of this web post, please tell me. It would make me feel warm.

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Foreign Repentance

The French nation have been turning up now again at the Reverie, perhaps attracted by the name.

But, some are better at the quiz than others. This lot only got four in the first  three rounds and got fuck all in round four.

At leas they had the common courtesy to apologise for their utter shit-ness.

Learn from this, less humble foreigners.

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The Marital Cycle In All Forms

At last night’s Reverie quiz we had stars from all the points on the wheel of marriage.

We had:

A team featuring a doe-eyed couple in their twenties who had just got engaged to each other 2 days ago. Aw.

Just engaged, he's been getting the milk for 8 years and now he's bought the cow.

At the bar, we had a team called THE FUCK BUDDIES (DON’T TELL OUR PARTNERS) a pair of glowing 40-somethings who didn’t care about how badly they were doing in the quiz because they were going to fuck each other later on in direct violation of their existing marriages/partnerships.


And we had worthy quiz winners GOOGLE EYED who left their sister’s wedding (apparently it was a bit shit) to come to the quiz. Awesome.

Google Eyed (core members)

No winner in the True – False shoot out though, so we have a £60 rollover next week.

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Old Skool Past Blasts at Newsroom

The Newsroom was nice and festival-busy on Thursday night. I swear there were some “famous” folk who I kind of half-recognised kicking about but that’s Edinburgh in August for you.

This mob were the winners:

quiz winners
Don't You Open That Trap Door

They took the”champagne” but more interesting from my point of view were some blasts from my murky old Glasgow quizzing past.

Legendary team THE BEAST APPRECIATION SOCIETY made the crossing:

The Beast Appreciation Society

There they are. Well two of them anyway: David O’D on the left and Gary “Gary” McGary on the right. The rest have returned to Norway or become deer-handlers or quizmasters or whatever.

Oddly enough, on the same night that the BAS cropped up, so did SABREFUCK although they are all grown up now and called themselves LETS GET QUIZZICLE.

Lets Get Quizzicle aka Sabrefuck

Sabrefuck used to do pretty-well-for-a-team-of-birds at Bar Radio in Ashton Lane, Glasgow and it was good to see them again (well, two original members again but hey…)

They have kept the quality going and made it into the final but unfortunately we had no winner of the money so we are playing for a ball-busting £20 next week. Fucking wow.

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