Snakes Alive

After the highs of the £180 super-pot last week, it was a more down-to-Earth Reverie quiz last night but still keenly fought and in the end it was one point which separated JELLY SNAKES from close runners-up FLYSTRIKE and made them booze winners.

Jelly Snakes
Jelly Snakes

David from the Jelly Snakes lost out on True or False bozonko after getting three right but screwing up a question about chimpanzees driving at 100mph.

Chimps don’t drive cars, let alone at a hundred miles an hour.

It was a hugely international night at the Reverie. In order of World Cup success we had people from Spain, Germany, England, Australia, Ireland, Bulgaria and Macedonia in the boozer and it the teamwith Bulgarians and Macedonians who also got a chance but royally screwed up the True/False bozonko.

So: next week is a £40 rollover. See you there.

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£60 & Booze for Les Quizerables

Deprived of 2 regular team members, LETS GET QUIZZICAL underwent a brand change and are now, temporarily at least, called LES QUIZERABLES.

The name works, and so does the team who hung on to win by two points. Rachel also won Bozonko, getting 5 out of 5 True/False to take the £60. Nice.

Les Quizerables
Les Quizerables

The otehr really big news from Jenny Ha’s was the record-breaking OFFICIAL JENNY HA’S FAG BREAK which attracted NINE participants.

The Jenny Ha's Official Fag Break
The Jenny Ha's Official Fag Break


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Clitoris Allsorts win at Newsroom

The top Newsroom team (who change their name every week) were sudden losers last night, amazing ly coming last in a quiz they are used to dominating. Ah well – that’s DP Quiz.

This allowed a newcomer squad of wimmin to charge into the lead, keep the lead and win.

They were the CLITORIS ALLSORTS and if I’m not very much mistaken, they probably have hangovers NOW.

Clitoris Allosrts pub quiz team
Clitoris Allsorts, winners at Newsroom, July 08, 2010

There they are with me, feeling a sense of victory. For more photos, see the Facebook album.

For the cash jackpot we played bozonko. Bozonko is getting FIVE true or false questions correct. The Clitoris Allsorts got ZERO and the NO IDEA team got ONE.

Rollover! £30 for grabs next week.


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Star Sportster at Newsroom

OK, you’ve maybe never heard of Jamie Charles -but he is an international quality sportsman.

Jamie Charles, american footballer and newsroom doorman
Jamie, being thrilled to meet me, recently.

Jamie plays American Football for Great Britain and can also be found on the door at the Newsroom sometimes.

Jamie’s off to the European Championships in Germany soon. Good luck!

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Beast Finally Beaten in £180 Meltdown

Phil ‘The Beast’ Collins and his dreadful riddles were finally slain at The Reverie last night as GOOGLE EYED came face to face with their maker and correctly nailed this easy Riddle of The Beast which, as I had promised, was the easiest one yet.

Google Eyed win £180

Which of these evil celebrities does Phil Collins respect the most? (answer at bottom)

  • Gary Glitter
  • Michael Barrymore
  • Michael Jackson
  • R Kelly

Of course, David from Google Eyed has cash winning form, his team won £100 back in April and another ton in May.

Now with £180 in July, its getting to the point where GOOGLE EYED need to start putting this income on their tax return!

Well done to ONE SWELL FOOP who kept the heid all the way through to win the actual quiz with 50 points(!) but unfortunately Euan was up against Spiderman in the Top Trumps and no one beats Spidey.

Red wine. No Money. Euan from One Swell Foop.

Back to ground zero next week folks, aka £20 jackpot and I think we’ll bring back the putting.

*ROTB answer – B. (Barrymore is the only one who has actually killed someone… albeit ‘accidentally’)

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Sex In The Parliament Win at Jenny’s

Quiet quiz at Jenny’s. If you’re looking for a quiz that’s easy to win – this is the place to be, Mondays 7pm.

A retirement party from the Scottish Parliament was in. George is 67, worked in security, and this is apparently the THIRD time he’s retired.

More importantly its the FIRST time he’s ever won the Jenny Ha’s pub quiz, so hopefully we’ll see him back.

Sex In The Parliament - wine winners

The money (£40) was NOT won so we have £60 next Monday. The current Jenny’s jackpot is being tun on Bozonko. Bozonko is that you have to get 5 true-or-false question right in a row to win.

The Parly team managed ZERO and the SPANISH TEAM, lucky losers, got ONE. This might run a bit…

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