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Quiz reports from Blind Poet, Bar 50, Smart City Hostel, Jenny Ha’s

Germans & Americans- Unstoppable Combo

High Street Hi-Jackers, the perfect combination of American power and German grit
High Street Hi-Jackers, the perfect combination of American power and German grit

Germany and America are two of the world’s most no-nonsense countries EVER and the two combined to create a special winning force last night at the Smart City Cafe.

The HIGH STRET HI-JACKERS wiped the floor with the various lily-livered Brits, Aussies and Kiwis to take the booze and the £100,000 (chance).

Unfortunately Scott was rubbish at scratching the scratchcard and came away with NOTHING!

Maybe next week! Smart City quiz returns next week at 8.30pm on Thursday. See you then. Join the Smart City Quiz Facebook Group to receive news of the cheat phrase for next week.

Well done also to the SINGLE WITH LADIES team who survived being ID’d, seconds after winning an orange Bacardi Breezer for being completely rubbish after the first two rounds. Two humiliations for the price of one, bravely borne.

Stuart takes £20 after Quiz Hurley victory

Stuart scores a score!Pub: Jenny Ha’s
Date: Monday 23rd November 2009

Last weeks £120 winners were back this time as QUIZ HURLEY and they were in good form again, winning the main quiz with a display of good judgement.

That judgement escaped them in the jackpot showdown and let Stuart in who nobbled the trivia challenge and nailed the Khartoum temperature to end up with TWENTY well earned quiz quids.

Thanks to Jim Finlay, next week’s request round is Greek Mythology. Fucking GREEK MYTHOLOGY. Jesus, I’d better go and look up some proper facts.

Stuart scores a score!

No Irish People To Blame This Week


PUB: Smart City Cafe

Four teams battled it out at the SCH last night, including a pair of Israelis who came last but definitely scored the highest ever score by an Israeli team at the quiz.

In the end, it was NORWEGIAN CHEESE who took the title, ruthlessly pouncing on the mistakes of the G&T’s like a tiger on a chicken. The vodka was theirs.

And this week, the G & T’s didn’t even have an Irish element in the team to take the blame.

I’ve heard the bar is getting a refurb which will make it more like a ‘style bar’ and less like a hotel foyer. This will be happening in December. Quiz moves to Thursday next week for one week and then we’ll be back in January.

£120 winners at Jenny Ha’s

After a few weeks of rollovers (mainly caused by Fa La La’s inability to answer the Ultimate Question), the £jackpot was finally scooped by super champions DO THEY KNOW IT’S QUIZMAS.

Do They Know It's Quizmas, £120 winners at Jenny Ha's
Do They Know It's Quizmas, £120 winners at Jenny Ha's

There they are, having killed Phil Collins and pissed on his grave. The booze, the cash were theirs but such was the shocking nature of the Marmalade joke, that they did NOT get the jokes prize.

Despite the name, the team are NOT donating any of the money to Africa.