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Tonight’s quizzes

Jenny Ha’s – 7pm – £20 jackpot. Excitement builds as we wait to see if the official Jenny Ha’s fag break will exceed last week’s record of SIX SMOKERS.

Reverie – 9pm. £60 is up for grabs in the Golden Putt. Scandinavian sports-adonis Bengt uncharacteristically screwed up last week. Will we get a winner tonight?

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The Golden Putt

Quizzes Tonight

Only a few hours before tonight’s quizzes. Here’s what you need to know for tonight:

Jenny Ha’s

Start – 7pm #### Jackpot £40 #### Special subject – Scotland In The Movies ####


Start – 9pm #### Jackpot £20 #### Special subject – American Cities ####


Of course, it is pancake day tomorrow so for extra focus – we will be having a pancake flipping contest at the Reverie tonight.

Tiger Drawing

If all else fails – there will be a tiger-drawing contest at the Reverie tonight. Suddenly it’s all about SKILLS



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Tonight’s Quizzes

The tr
The Trumpets, Jenny Ha's

Jenny Ha’s: 7pm – jackpot is £60 after the rollover last week.

Reverie: 9pm – jackpot is the basic £20

tonight’s specialist subjects:
Jenny Ha’s: Australia
Reverie: Spain

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Loose Quiz Question Request

dpquiz screenshot
My Other Website

My other website does free quiz questions for quizmasters and the idea is that you’re supposed to browse for whatever questions you want and copy and paste accordingly.

It’s self-service.

Then I got this beautifully non-specific email the other day from Arish. Here is the entire text of his email:

Dear Sir
Kindly send me some free quiz questions please

You know what Arish? Maybe I’ll just send you a link.


Dr Paul

Eggheads Rocked by Doc & Pals

The Eggheads and Me
The Eggheads and Me

So, “Dr Paul’s All Stars” recorded an episode of Eggheads on Thursday, starring sensational Glasgow-based DP Quizzers: Alan, Gam and Murray, plus the legendary Catherin who occasionally deigns to make an appearance at the Reverie.

I’m not allowed to tell you how we got on  – we signed confidentiality agreement – but I can tell you that the Eggheads were rocked to their very core by our medium-to-awesome quiz power. Well played team!

I had never been a regular viewer of Eggheads but since applying for the show, I managed to watch a few episodes and I also discovered just how much the eggehads have become hate-figures.

Here is a ‘tribute’ poem someone left of the Eggheads Facebook group:

Judith with her make up Plastered,
Kevin, sad old four eyed bastard.
Daphne has a crack head smile,
Chris, a big fat Paedophile,
And CJ, well I must be blunt,
Hes just a fucking massive c*nt!

Having met them now and played a nail-biting quiz against them all I can say is that they were all perfectly pleasant in the flesh. The only real surprise si just how big Chris actually is. He’s HUGE!

And sure, CJ acts the fanny, but that’s the role he’s choosing to play – I think it’s a bit of an act.

Vino (sexy)

Star of the show is the impressive host Jeremy Vine, or Vino as we were called him. Cool, witty and hugely professional – he’s the UK’s smoothest Vine since David (deceased).

Vino holds a strange power over women and is known to have a certain mesemeric, rapturous effect on a certain member of kitchen staff at the Reverie.

When I told him of the physical effect the sound of his voice has on one of our chefs, Vino was totally unsurprised. “I bet it does” he replied, with a tiny amount of extra eyebrow.

Jeremy Vine – possibly one of the greatest ever missed opportunities for the producers of the James Bond movies.

2 gigs tonight

OK – this is very last minute but there are two quizzes as per usual tonight: 6.45pm at Jenny Ha’s (jackpot £60) and Reverie at 9pm (jackpot £20)

Be there to feel the Christmas love.

Why so slow with the updates this week? Well, the small matter of a new baby on Christmas Eve for the Dr Paul family. Yeah!