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December League Starts Tonight

quiz league starts now
quiz league starts now

The Dr Paul Quiz League for December begins tonight. Results from all Dr Paul quizzes that take place in December will funnel into a league table and the top team will win a spectacular prize, just in time for New Year.

Points will be based on the Eurovision Song Contest system and will be scored by the top ten teams at every quiz (12, 10, 8, 7, 6 ,5 ,4 ,3 , 2, 1)


Meanwhile, The bottle of vodka prize at Smart City Hostel has been replaced with a more universal offering of £20 for the bar. This means that if you don’t like vodka, there is now a meaningful prize for the Smart City Quiz.

Smart City Hostel is Edinburgh’s poshest hostel and is probably 5-star. You can find it on Blackfriars St or you can use the Cowgate entrance (just along from Bannerman’s)

High Street Hi-Jackers, the perfect combination of American power and German grit
High Street Hi-Jackers, the perfect combination of American power and German grit

Last week’s winners, the HIGH STREET HI-JACKERS are pictured. Are you smarter than a random colleciton of Americans and Germans?

Come along at 8.30pm tongiht to find out.


Dr Paul

PS – to find tonight’s cheat phrase, see Dr Paul on Facebook

Feel The Love

True love comes to those who quiz
True love comes to those who quiz

Sitting at home = no love. The way to take back your life and OWN THE ROMANCE before the working week sucks the loving life from out of your face is to get out and about – not sit in the house.

I offer you two exciting ways to make that happen… TONIGHT.

First is my quiz at Jenny Ha’s at 6.45pm and the second is my quiz at the Reverie at 9pm

Events on Facebook: Jenny Ha’s, Reverie

Both are great opportunities to flirt, drink and chat. In fact, the atmosphere at Reverie is so flirty that some of our kitchen staff have now got engaged. Congratulations Leigh-Anne and John!


Tonight’s cheat phrase is “Bismillah no, we will not let him go.”

Smart City Hostel Tonight


The quiz at the Smart City has been moved from Tuesdays – we’re going to try Thursdays instead.

come along tonight and have fun at the quiz from 8.30pm

Tonight’s cheat phrase is “Treble twenty, treble eighteen, bull.” Write it down when you don’t know an answer and its worth 2 points. Your team can use the cheat phrase ONCE during the quiz.

Tonight’s quiz is a bring-a-lesbian special. Any team that brings a lesbian will get extra points.

Where is the Smart City Cafe? Click here to find out

“Treble twenty, treble eighteen, bull”

Monday Night Quizzes

Dr Paul
Dr Paul

I have two opportunities for you to be a pub quiz legend in Edinburgh tonight.

1. Jenny Ha’s at 65, Canongate.

This is an early quiz, ideal if you want to get up for work on Tuesday morning. We start at 6.45pm (although you’ll be fine if you turn up at seven) and the quiz is done by half eight.

Last week’s winners took home £120.

2. The Reverie at 1, Newington Road

Your friendly neighbourhood Southside local, The Reverie rocks on Monday nights. Despite the sexy, mysterious dancing of Alex last week, the jackpot remained intact and we’re playing for £60 tonight. Free entry

Note – tonight is bring-your-mum night. Any team that brings their mum will get a bonus point!

Inny The Skinny

Skinny December issue is out… soon; and I have collaborated with one of their writers, Finbarr, to write the Skinny Quiz of the Year.

The Skinny Magazine
The Skinny Magazine

Look out though, it’s a bit more cultural than my usual trash: there are questions about opera, theatre and everything.