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Hundred Pounds Tonight

Ton up at the Brass Monkey on Drummond Street tonight. Yes, I’m talking about £100 jackpot. Serious bacon.

Mix it with the capital’s finest boozy blokes and posh students. A mixed bag, a bag of FUN.

Cheat tip for you tonight is that the music round includes this timeless old pop classic by Cutting Crew. That’s ‘timeless’ as in sounds-a-bit-like-it-was-recorded-in-the-eighties. Which it was. If memory serves rightly, they’re Irish.

Well, just looked it up. They’re English. How about that.

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Monday Is A New You

A new you. No gym.
A new you. No relationship.
A new you. No stupid diet.
A new you. Booze.
A new you. Monday booze.
A new you. Monday strong booze.

Why not, I mean… we’ll all be dead or working in fifty years. Let’s hump it.

Tonight’s jackpot at the Brass Monkey Leith (quiz starts 7pm) is a measly £20 but you could put all of that into BOOZE and reap the benefits, like a slick city trader. But drunk.

Cheat news: Swansea is one of the answers tonight.

Here’s last night’s funny custard. There’s no way you can win this tonight cos it’s already gone but maybe you’ll win something even funnier. Who knows?

Funny Custard
Funny Custard

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Big Money at Tolbooth Tonight

Tolbooth Tavern is the new Sunday night gig at 8pm. The rollovers are coming thick and fast and we’re up to £90 in the main jackpot already, plus another £40 in the head-to-head contest. So £130 in jackpots altogether

Meanwhile, the Persevere is at £20 but you might get to see Mick dancing on a table, so there’s always that.

Cheats tonight: The Persevere quiz includes the answer “Glock” while the Tolbooth music round includes Kool & The Gang, as per:

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Thursday Night. More than £120 in prizes plus cheat news

The jackpot at Cellar Monkey tonight is £20. Cheat: one of the answers tonight is that Burundi is in Africa.

The jackpot at Newsroom tonight is £100. The cheat is that Spinal Tap turn up in the music round, see below. If the imagrey in the video upsets you, best remember that it’s a pardoy and therefore OK.

By the way – if you want to go to a quiz but you don’t have anyone to go with – try my meetup group

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£80 at monkey tonight. Del Amitri stain the Music Round

£80 jackpot tonight at Brass Monkey on Drummond Street

All Scottish music round at the quiz tonight and includes Del Amitri performing the official Scotland song from the last time Scotland qualified for a world cup, which was 1998

Some of the youtube comments for this are excellent:

“Ally’s Army is a drinking song! Don’t Come Home Too Soon is a song I’d want to make myself an alcoholic over.”

“the majority of people here don’t seem to get its an insult to scotland”

“You are aware that it wasn’t meant for the World Cup, it was meant for ambiguous purposes, right? Del Amitri was asked by the Scottish team to use the song for their anthem. Technically, the team insulted themselves.”

“Before the postcards was a little bit too soon.”

“Del amitri said after the he wrote the song not long after an old man spoke to him in a pub and asked aren’t you the guy who wrote don’t come home too soon? Del says yes I am and the old man just shakes his head and says you should be ashamed of yourself”

“losers song”

“Now they don’t even bother going. Out of churlishness.”

“Love the kilt, nice legs…Great song, what else is there to wish for??”

“HAHAHA this cracks me up.  I like it because it’s a nice slow rock ballad, but it’s in stark contrast to the song of 20 years ago, about how the Scots were going to win the cup.”

“one of the best footie songs ever”

“Possibly the worst football song ever, but as a song, its not bad.”

“like the video of colin hendry in the background, trying to do keepie uppies. if anything should have shown we were guaranteed to come home too soon, it was that!”

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Hoary Old Politician From 1920s Gives You A Clue

Tonight’s quiz carries a jackpot of £60 and starts at 7pm at Brass Monkey Leith, your premier Leith Walk establishment for that kind of thing.

Cheat news: one of the possible answers tonight is Andrew Bonar-Law who was a politician kunto from the 1920s._andrewbonarlawHe looks like a right old barrel of laughs, as you can see. In fact, he looks like Paw Broon is Paw Broon was really posh and not habitually drunk and angry.

Unlike Paw Broon, Bonar-Law had a top class parliamentary career and ended up Prim Minister. Mind you as soon as he got the job of PM he pretty much died immediately (after only 211 days in office), so there’s your fucking luck right there.

Paw Broon is still alive.

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Sunday = Percy plus NEW QUIZ

Percy is the Percy. 6pm start. £20 jackpot. Cheat news:  one of the answers is “Russian


Tolbooth Tavern. Starts at 8pm and one of the answers in the music round is T-Spoon. (See video below)

The Tolbooth Tavern is on the Canongate which is the bottom half of the Royal Mile. It looks like this:

tolbooth tavern (22)

The new quiz follows a slightly different format including a new jackpot round and a new head-to-head round where you can win £20. Come and try. Jackpot is a little bit higher than the other places too (aside from Newsroom). The Tolbooth offers £30 / week. Tonight is the first quiz so tonight’s jackpot is £30. So if you win the head-to-head AND the jackpot – that’s £50 altogether

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