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Contestant Call for Perfection (BBC 2)

Perfection is back on air later this year and is auditioning for new contestants during June and July. All the answers are true/false so you should be good at it if you’ve been coming to my quiz for a while.

Jane from the production team says “The winning money is much like ‘Eggheads’ –  £1000 per game, and the money is rolled over if nobody wins.  Each episode contains 2 games so the jackpot can increase quite quickly.  As far as I know (and the production team know) the most that has been won is £8000 or £9000 – I don’t have a specific figure though.  The show usually airs at 4.15pm on BBC 2 – weekdays.”

What to do? Email them or give them a bell on the dick a dum bone: 0800 032 0151

Read more about the show on UK Gameshows


All applicants must be aged 18 years or over and be legally resident and currently living in the UK
The closing date for requesting application forms by phone is Friday 1st July 2011
The closing date for returning application forms is Friday 8th July 2011
Applications received after this date may not be considered.
Applications are subject to the terms and conditions in the application form.


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Facebook Photos Re-Ordered

I’ve re-organised the Dr Paul quiz photos on facebook. For instance, all the joke photos are now together so you can browse for hours of laughter:

This is great news obviously unless you are one of the folk who think facebook is juvenile shite in which case please ignore this post and try to focus on the true-ness of real life outside your window right now.

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This Week’s News


Tonight (Monday), 7pm, Brass Monkey Leith, £80

Tonight (Monday), 9pm, Reverie, £60
Thursday, 9pm, Newsroom, £20


So I promised the Newsroom jackpot HAD TO BE WON, and that’s how it played out on Thursday. I gave a real-life TENNER to the team who did best in each round. and we were left eith £110 for the true or false knockout final which was won by Andy of the Shiny Ninjas who are officially the Newsroom’s most glittery team. I don’t mean that they like to pay for sex with underage girls, rather that they always decorate their answer sheet v.nicely.

Anyway, the real news is that from now on the Newsroom will be doing £20 a week on the jackpot rather than £10, so the pot will go up a little quicker.


Two great dance-offs last Monday. At Reverie, Sarah demanded a Ghostbusters dance off and then applied a napkin to her face to achieve the ghost effect which I caught on a still but big thanks to Matt Blue at Brass Monkey Leith who managed to film the amazing interpretaive Kate Bush dance off in which Badly Drawn Boy defeats Alan out of the Fat Kids using the power of flounce.


Go here to play:

I said last week that the Channel 4 show which was filmed at the Newsroom last month is to be called Quiz Trippers but now it looks like instead of being broadcast this month, its being pushed back in the schedules to June or July.

This week’s crazy facts:

1. The effect of an itch can be reduced by electric shock or breathing noxious chemicals, which seems a sledgehammer to a nut.

2. Kate Bush was ?ritain’s most photographed woman of 1978.

3. When Tripoli (the capital of Libya) was founded in the 7th century BC by the Phoenicians, it was called “Oeh”, which you can’t even say. Tripoli is a better name.


Dr Paul

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Channel 4 Pub Quiz in Edinburgh Tonight

Tonight the Newsroom on Edinburgh’s Leith Street is the venue for a special quiz, hosted by me – your old pal Dr Paul – and to be broadcast at some future date on Channel 4.

Have a look at the details on Facebook, but basically its one of my quizzes, its gonnae be on the telly and there’s a £75 jackpot prize (must be won).

The quiz starts at 8pm but you’ll probably need to be there from 7pm, certainly from 7.30pm.

Free entry and no team names with the word ‘cunt’ in because Channel 4 are cunts. If that rule leaves you heigh and dry, you might find some team-name inspiration here.

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