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Eggheads Die Tomorrow

One more sleep until I take on the Eggheads with the help of Catherine (from the TEAM WITH NO NAME) who comes to the Reverie, plus various quiz geniuses from  the Glasgow days.

Me & CJ - same barber?

The Eggheads die tomorrow morning round about 9am in a Glasgow TV studio, so remember them fondly: the ‘jolly’ one, the glaikit one, the slimy one, the other one and the bird.

Everyone has their own favourite Egghead. CJ de Mooi seems particularly well-liked whenever I bring the subject up.

There are six in the team (five on screen plus a reserve) and the most amount of money ever won is £75,000. If we win that, it’ll be twelve and a half grand each which would buy you a house in the 1970s but makes for a decent holiday now.

However, the prize fund on the show is based on rollovers (+ £1000 every time the Eggheads win), so if they lose the show prior to ours, we’ll be playing for £166.67 each.

No matter – the point is we have a system and we’re going to beat them!

Bring it on!

Jedward – Still Famous Enough To Be Hated Two Months Later

jedward maskSo I asked this ultra-short-term showbiz amnesia question on Monday at the Reverie:

Q. What was the surname of the “Jedward” twins who became famous on X-Factor earlier this year.

Some of the answers handed in include:

  • Cockmuncher
  • Muppet
  • Dickhead
  • Stevens

None of these are correct. The right answer is “Grimes”. It’s heart-warming to feel that these two young fellers can still rouse the population to copious anger and venom, a full month after they got voted out and stopped being famous!

Well done lads!