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Rollover at Newsroom

Night before Friday bank holiday = a few folk in and hot competition at the quiz. The main force and eventualy winners were THE BRAW LADS AND LASSES who sewed things up with a belting 40 points.

Second place team were the BAWBAGS and both teams were handily situated adjacently so one photo covered first and second:

winning pub quiz teams at the Newsroom
Braw Lads and Lasses (left) and Bawbags (right)

David from the Bawbags eventually got the chance to putt for scratchcard glory but missed both shots and we have another rollover. Three scratchies next week – potential £30,000 or thereabouts to be won!

david putts
david putts

These two awesome scratchies plus one more next Thursday. See you there!

sractchcard shock
19 bags of sand

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League Winners – March

League winners for March are THE TEAM WITH NO NAME, scoring 37 league points with Jenny Ha’s regulars THE 3 STOOGES coming in second.

Strictly speaking, the Team With No Name is a mega-team, a combo, an agglomeration – so how they split the MILLION POUNDS will be interesting.

Edinburgh pub quiz team, TEAM WITH NO NAME
The Team With No Name

To simplify things at my end, I’m going to do a new league table for April which just totals up your points. Simple as that. A million pounds is the prize again….

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Tonight at Newsroom – £20,000 to be won

Edinburgh’s richest pub quiz is at the Newsroom on Thursday nights.

staff at Newsroom, Lethi St, Edinburgh
Awesome Newsroom Bar Staff

9m start

Free to enter.

Prizes that even ELTON JOHN would do the quiz for.


Last week we had mental health nurses, a couple from Southampton, some heavy smokers and a backroom full of Belgian and Danish women of draft age.

What fruits this week?

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Another Rollover at the Darts

The Jenny Ha’s jackpot rises by £20 every week and the asked-for total on the dart board gets lower.

This week the challenge was to hit 60 with three darts. Catherine from the TEAM WITH NO NAME came close but for the second week in a row it was baw-hair stuff and the jackpot survives until next Monday (Easter Monday) when we’ll be playing for £80 and the target on the board will be 50 points with 3 darts.

Thanks to Grum for supplying the last-minute emergency darts!

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Dance Off Devastation Leads to Golden Putt

David from GOOGLE EYED showed the world the exact meaning of a dance-off on Monday night at the Reverie.

He humped, banged and grinded his way through the occasion to leave the onlookers breathless and dazed, like the aftermath of a good shag.

The other bloke, from THE BAYES FACTOR,  never stood a chance

That was the easy bit. David then steeled himself for the £100 Golden Putt which had moved another two floorboards closer to the hole. David took his time and sent the ball unerringly into the jaws of victory.



Back to £20 next Monday – see you then…

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The Italian Job

I picked up a little job writing questions about the Italian national football team, the Azzuri.

Naturally, the first flush of research has resulted in several hours wasted invested looking at old-school football porn on the internet like this:

I’ll get round to actually writing some quesitons as soon as Arie Haan scores that 40-yarder…

Newsroom First Night

The Newsroom is a sweet bar with loads of booze for sale on Leith Street. In case you don’t know, Leith St is not in Leith: its in the city centre at the East End of Princes St and the bar is opposite the front door of the St James Centre.

the newsroom, leith st, edinburghAnyway, ultimate winners were the NEWSROOM NEWBIES who stay out somewhere weird like Juniper Green. They told me that Juniper Green is the oldest town in Edinburgh or something like that. If I was to research it properly it might turn into a new quiz fact.

newsroom newbies
The Newsroom Newbies

So the Newbies took the bubbly and second place got the crat of beer. Not bad work for WARD 6 who came in late after a hard shift with the nutters.


The chap from the winning team ended up having a putt for the cash (ten thousand pounds) but missed, so we’ll roll it over and play for £20,000 next week.

ten thousand pounds scratch-card
£10,000 (potentially)

See you next Thursday night at 9pm for those big bucks!

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On The Air With Cuddly Dudley

I was broadcasting a wee quiz on Leith FM today on Alan “Cuddly” Dudley’s show. I did a wee Spring quiz just after the news at 3pm.

Leith FM rocks hard. It’s a PROPER local radio station with actual people on it instead of ‘local’ radio which is owned and programmed from afar.

leith fmHave a listen on 98.8FM and if you’re nowhere near Leith you can listen online.

Mind you, I’m in Newington and we can pick them up just fine and I believe you can get the signal right over in Fife.

Here are some of the questions I asked:

  1. In the U.K. which is the only Bank Holiday that cannot fall on a Monday?
  2. Which famous musical includes the song ‘Younger Than Springtime’?
  3. Which race has the longer course: The University Boat Race (Cambridge and Oxford) or The Grand National?
  4. In which English county can you find Cooper’s Hill, famous for the crazy Spring tradition of chasing a cheese down a hill?
  5. On April Fool’s day, what animal do French children try to pin to each others’ back?
  6. Within 5 feet, how tall was the world’s largest Easter Egg, constructed in 2005 by the Belgian company Guylian?