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Less Than One Centimetre Away From The Money


Jenny Ha’s last night:

King of Comedy, Dusty, nearly won the jokes round without  even handing in a joke, such was the abysmal quality of the material available. In the end it was the 2 G’s who took away a copy of “Management” starring Jennifer Aniston. How will I explain the absence of this DVD to my wife?

Quiz-wise, the contest ended in victory for WE’RE NOT SURE IF WE’RE GOING TO STAY who were, in fact, not sure if they were going to stay but ended up stying and winning!

quiz winners
We Might Not Stay To The End

The duo selected Laura to throw the darts for £40 after Alan succesfully nailed the trivia challenge and it was so-near, so-far as Laura’s last dart landed a fraction south of the treble twenty.

Yes, it was within 0.4 inches of scoring the money or as we like to say, a centimetre.

That means we have a rollover: £60 next Monday and the darts target comes down again: this time to a score 60 with three darts.

Can you match the total to win? See you next Monday at 7pm.

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Bonus Round Results in Joke-Threat!

The Reverie, last night:

The golden putt edged one foot closer to the hole last night as an Irish bloke called Gleep from GLEEPS GO MEEP MEEP putted for £80.

Gleep himself (second from right) took plenty of time sussing out the lie of the land (conventional wisdom now says the ball breaks from right to left) and appeared to strike the ball sweetly but his putt rattled off the starboard jaw of the hole and bobbled out, leaving Gleep empty fisted and giving us another rollover.

Yep- we’re reached £100 and that’ll be the pot next week with the golden putt moving one foot closer the hole.

All this excitement followed a near FIGHT when Dan of the GLEEPS (pictured, far right) snatched the bonus round paper from the clutched fist of Stewart (team NEMO) resulting soon afterwards in this awesome threat, disguised as an entry in the jokes round:

Stewart threatens Dan


Actually, there were some pretty decent jokes in the jokes round last night, including a few I hadn’t seen before. I’ll post them up at various intervals under the jokes section.

£100 next Monday. You’d be crazy to miss it. To get a hand with the quiz, the smart move is to sign up to the Monday newsletter.

See ya

Dr P

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Drawing Contest – Dinosaur With A Job

Monday at the Reverie saw another drawing contest instead of the old jokes round.

This time the challenge was to draw a dinosaur with a job.

Here’s what we got:

This nearly won. It’s a brontosaurus working in a pub, serving a very drunk T-Rex and was handed in by QUIZ TEAM AGUILERA

This was by PEDRO ALANIA and I thought it was pretty good – a cleaner dinosaur. Another close contender.

dinosaurthis was the dserved winner, excellent use of colour and I particularly like how the children are plainly terrified by their very protector. A huge and deadly T Rex is a great choice to be a lollipop lady. Nice hiring, the council.

This one is paeleontologist dinosaur. Ironic as fuck. Not a winner.

The team that won had this as back up. It could have won on its own.

This was the entry from Easy Lionel. Not bad but maybe not enough bling.

And I liked this but the judge (Mark) was having none of it.

Sorry to some of the others – I managed to lose the kissogram one and the builder one and maybe a few  others but take it easy, eh? It’s just the quiz!

Golden Putt Rolls Again

After a legend-sized battle head to head with DOM AND THE NON-DOMS, a hastily cobbled-together squad called THE SOUTHSIDE DIPLOMATS came back from a slow start and eventually won the quiz by five clear points.

Southside Diplomats

However, Ian from the team (pictured, right) missed the answer to this trivia question:

What colour does the moon appear to trun during a lunar eclipse?

Ian sed blue but the answer on the card was red. If he’s said brown or purple then I would have given him that because that’s what it looked like to me when I saw a lunar eclipse. Thankfully for clarity, blue is just wrong.

Step forward Rachel from LET’S GET QUIZZICAL and she blows me out of the water on warship Top Trumps and gets a crack at the Golden Putt.

the golden putt

Rachel’s line was true but the strength was too much and the ball skipped over the top for another rollover. Rachel did reveal afterwards that her sport is rugby rather than gold so taht might explain the weight in the shot. To be fair it was more like a 3-wood drive than a putt.

Anyway, apart from that the highlight of the evening was the dinosaur drawing contest. Full display on a separate post, but this was the winner:

lollipop rex
Lollipop Rex

Next Monday – jackpot is £80

3 Stooges Win At Jenny’s

The Three Stooges used to show up at the Smart City Hostel quiz and put in a Monday appearance at Jenny Ha’s.

The move paid off when they brushed aside the opposition and landed themselves a bottle of highest-quality PLONK for coming first.

pub quiz winners
there were actually three of them, but this guy owns the photo.

Unfortunately the trivia challenge was a bridge too far and that let second-placed Stuart in to throw the darts for cash.

The new challenge is to hit a target figure with three darts for the money. The target started at 80 and Stuart was unable to do this, so the money jackpot rises to £40 next week and the darts target comes down to 70 points.

dart in board
Throw darts for cash!

Can you do it? It’s a bully of a challenge, next Monday at Jenny Ha’s – the pub of a thousand faces!

Tonight’s quizzes

Jenny Ha’s – 7pm – £20 jackpot. Excitement builds as we wait to see if the official Jenny Ha’s fag break will exceed last week’s record of SIX SMOKERS.

Reverie – 9pm. £60 is up for grabs in the Golden Putt. Scandinavian sports-adonis Bengt uncharacteristically screwed up last week. Will we get a winner tonight?

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The Golden Putt