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How The Other Half Live: Serious Quizzing for Serious Quizzers

Thanks to Brian from THE DUDE ABIDES who sent me some papers from last year’s quizzing Grand Prix in Cardiff.

What the hell is a quiz “Grand Prix”? Does it smell of petrol and involve small bikinis? Well, beyond the gentle life of pub quiz, real quiz-heads like to regularly get together up and down the country for some serious, tough, hard, difficult and tricky quiz action.

Brian told me that at events like these you will regularly meet various Eggheads and the brains from The Chase and so on.

When it comes to the quizzing, it makes the old Dr Paul stuff look like a piss in the park which of course, it is.

There is no news so far on whether these quiz events end in a dance-off.

Meanwhile, here’s one of the sets of questions. Brian sent me the papers on Sport, Entertainment, Physical World, Civilisation, and Art & Culture but this is the paper I did best on: Lifestyle where I scored a mammoth 17 out of 30.

See how you do:

  1. What are Lomi-Lomi, Esalen and Shiatsu?
  2. Which American two-time Academy Award-winning actress had great success in the 1980’s with her work-out videos featuring elaborate aerobics routines?
  3. What is the name of the hamburger that is the signature product of the restaurant chain Burger King?
  4. Write the name of ONE of the two chinese exercise systems, originally martial arts, but today best known as a slow motion training activity performed in parks all over the world.
  5. What spanish word refers to any hat with a with a brim, but outside of Spanish-speaking countries is used for a wide-brimmed hat made out of straw?
  6. Where in the body is the muscle Gluteus Maximus found?
  7. What is the brand name of Nestlé’s proprietary espressomaker-system, where they market machines that brew coffee from capsules, available in a wide variety of flavours?
  8. What is the name of the prepared childbirth technique developed in the 1940s and named after the French obstetrician who observed the method during a stay in the Soviet Union, and who started teaching it in the West? It is widely taught in the United States, where many couples take such “classes”. The technique has been altered since the beginning to teach expectant mothers to reduce pain during the labour process.
  9. What is the name of the popular line of fashion dolls that debuted in 2001 and is now a major competitor to Barbie dolls? The dolls are portrayed as teenagers with slim bodies and enlarged heads.
  10. What is mixed with rum and lime to create a Cuba Libre?
  11. What is the name of the 105 carat diamond once the largest in the world, and has belonged to a series of Indian Emperors since the Middle Ages, but is now owned by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the crown jewels?
  12. What is the name of the company who owns the brands Always, Pringles, Pampers and Duracell?
  13. What is the name of the online sales company Amazon’s e-book reader, which in February was released in its second edition?
  14. What is the name of the area in France that is widely known for its quality chicken, the first animal food to receive a AOC-classification?
  15. Which French company is the world’s largest manufacturer of disposable razors, and is also a major producer of other disposable products?
  16. In danger of being confused with the Norwegian Quiz Association, the NQF is an older association and is a promoter of a sewing method where two layers of material are sewn together typically with insulation inbetween, and then joined with other double-layers to create a larger one, such as a bed cover. What is the name of this technique, starting with the letter Q as in NQF?
  17. What Japanese word is a name for the sexual practice that features a woman being ejaculated on by multiple men simultaneously?
  18. Which newspaper in India is the one with the largest circulation amongst English language newspapers in the world?
  19. Which city in the Langhe-area in Piedmont, Italy, is known for its white truffles, that grow in the hilly forest areas that surround the city?
  20. What is the name of this super model, who married quarterback Tom Brady on February 26. 2009?
  21. What is the name of this French actor, the only without English as his first language on Cosmopolitan’s Top 25 list of the world’s most sexy men in 2008? He dated Kylie Minogue for 4 years, until they broke up in 2007.
  22. Which artist starred in the reality-series “The Newlyweds” with her then husband Nich Lachey?
  23. What word refers to the silk-like fabric from the Angora goat? The fibres are notable for their high luster and are stronger than wool.
  24. What is the brand name of the Hasbro toy line consisting of coloured toy ponies, marketed to young girls?
  25. What is the name of the former model and singer, more famous as a groupie, who was Playmate of the month in 1974, and who is the mother of actress Liv Tyler?
  26. Popular in East Europe since the Middle Ages, this low-alcohol beverage is made by the natural fermentation of rye bread, and is now being sold in bottles as a soft drink. After Coca Cola captured large market shares after the fall of communism, local breweries fought back and regained their shares with this drink, which is known under what name?
  27. Ever since the category “Best Make-up” was introduced at the Academy Award in 1982, one man has won the award 6 times, inclusively the first time it was awarded. He was also nominated last year, for the movie “Norbit”. What is the name of this Master make-up artist?
  28. Jelly-extracts from this green succulent plant are used in moisturising products in spite of the lack of scientific foundation for its effect; what is its name?

  1. What is the trademark name of this style of sheepskin boots which has been a fashion since the early 2000’s, and popularised by Australian surfers, who used them to keep warm between surf-legs? They are not trademarked in Australia due to a legal controversy.

  1. What is the name of this model and actress, named the world’s most sexy woman by the magazine FMH in 2008?

I’ll post the answers later…

Narrowly Wide Golden Putt Sends Jackpot to £40

The Golden Putt

For the first time last night, The Reverie reverberated to the thrill of the Golden Putt.

If you win the quiz, you win the quiz and you get the wine. You then get a challenge to qualify for the Golden Putt. If you fail, the second place team get a chance.

That’s what happened last night. Tremendously drunk tremendous pals LARA & FELIX were the champs and took the plaudits but could not identify the mystery vegetable. It was a red pepper.

So it fell to Sarah from THE MIND CRUSHERS to turn second place into glory. She duly identified the vegetable and then stepped forward to launch here putt hole-wards.

The line was good, if slightly right of centre but there was a little too much weight in the shot and the ball skipped over for a rollover… £40 next week with the putt ONE FOOT closer.

Sarah said afterwards “I thought the floor was quite rough so I would have to give it a bit of welly”. Good thinking but the execution left the putt slightly wide and THAT’S SPORT.

a hairy beaver yesterday
a hairy beaver yesterday

Meanwhile, the FIZZING QUIZBEES reckon this is a muskrat rather than a beaver. Do me a favour.

I’ve had a check and I can’t quite confirm either way. Suffice to say that beavers look very very simialr to muskrats and I can see why you made your mistake, but the answer stands. It’s a beaver.*

See you next week for FORTY QUID.


This Quiz Kills Fascists Dead

No Jacket Required (in Hell)
PC - The Beast

Big thanks to the Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Association who turned up in decent numbers to celebrate the non-nazi status of Jenny Ha’s, the Canongate’s friendliest and most inclusive boozer!

After making the news the other week, Jenny’s was keen to emphasise that the presence of the SDL/EDL was a completely random situation and nothing to do with the pub, so we held an Anti-Fascist quiz last night.

The RED CHUMPOS ended up in first place and took the wine, with Ross capitalising on some schoolboy errors by the undisputed king of Scissor-Paper-Stone (me) to get at the Beast for the Ultimate Question.

When it came, The Beast offered what I thought was a tricky little number about Robert Burns but Ross knew it before he even heard the options and so did a few others.


Would you have got this one right for £80?

Q. In 1956, which country became the first in the world to commemorate Robert Burns on a postage stamp?

  • A    USA
  • B    USSR
  • C    France
  • D    New Zealand

League Winners For February

Edinburgh pub quiz team, The Dude Abides
The Dude Abides

Edinburgh pub quiz veterans THE DUDE ABIDES were the team of February, finishing on top of the quiz league table by a very long way indeed.

Wins at both Jenny Ha’s AND The Reverie made them comfortable winners, particularly after they applied the hammer on 22nd Feb, winning both quizzes back to back.

Congratulations to Brian and pals who may now collect the £1 million pounds* if they turn up to any Dr Paul Edinburgh Pub Quiz during the  month of March.

If THE DUDE ABIDES don’t show then the pot rolls over to next month.

Here’s the final table for February:

The Dude Abides    50
One Swell Foop    20
Jimmy RN    15
Mind Crushers    11
Ooh Shiny Lights    10
Ali Campbell’s Crocodile Tears    10
Quiztal Maze    10
Hannibalistic Halibut    8
4-Play    6
Idiots    5
Just Moi    5
All Out of Ideas    5
SP    5
Life After Bengt    5
Laurel & Hard-On    5
Bengt – Made From Girders    5
Mystery Factors    5
Welsh Wizards    5
Ernie and Dave    5
Nautical But Nice    5
Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap    5
Bar Bitches    5
CU in Madrid    5
Brain Dead    5
Big Pete    5
Sam & Dave    5
Quizteam Aguilera    5
The Fearful Pedant    5
Feearful, Living In The Shadow of a Cheese Plant    5
Tiger Woods Slept With My Mum    5
Chick Checks    5
Quiz Akabusi    5
Super Stupid Stew    5
Dusty’s Darlings    5
Gremlin    5
Dartin Square    5
DP    1
Dark Piss    1
Newbies    1
Watson Family    1
You’re Barred    1
Butt Comb    1
Luke & Mo    1
Causewaysiders    1
Scud Books From Glasgow    1
Peahead & Pals    1
One Man & His Monkey    1
Red Jeans Are Hot    1
Wonder Webb    1
Normal Mayo    1
Wheekin Down Whistler    1
Big John’s Big Team    1
The Travellers    1
Venture Bros    1
Podge & Rodge    1
Burnt Orange    1
Black Country Boosters    1

*in scratchcards

Reverie Jackpot on Random Ironing Question

Edinburgh pub quiz team: Tiger Woods Slept With My Mum
Tiger Woods Slept With My Mum

Dom ended up in the spotlight on Monday after his team TIGER WOODS SLEPT WITH MY MUM did enough to earn 2nd place in the quiz behind THE DUDE ABIDES who completed the double after winning at Jenny Ha’s.

Dude Abides
The Dude Abides outside the Reverie

Dom lucked his way through the cards challenge and opted for the Ironing question for the £40 jackpot.

He faced this question for the forty quid:

Q. What is the world record for continuous ironing?

A. 33 hours

B. 44 hours

C. 55 hours

D. 66 hours

On the face of it, it’s a genuine bastard of a question. How are you meant to know that? But Dominic rationalized thus:

“It was probably 55 hours, cos the previous record was probably about two days and whoever did this just wanted to break that and then do a wee bit more…”

What? Seven hours more?

Apparently so. C is the right answer and Dominic wins £40!

Next week at Reverie: The Golden Putt makes its debut at Reverie where we will be putting for cash. If I were you, I’d practice.

Jenny’s Rollover on Comedy Question

The Dude Abides

The Jenny’s quiz was once again won by THE DUDE ABIDES but due to the lack of a trivia challenge, the right to answer the Ultimate Question passed from team to team until last-placed nobodies Dartin Squire faced this question for sixty quid:

Q. Which of these 1990s TV shows was on the air first?

A. Father Ted

B. Balamory

C. Cold Feet

D. The Fast Show

The wrong answer means a rollover and the fact that we will now be playing for £80 next Monday night. Be there!

Would you have got that one right?

League Table

With the lack of Smart City Hostel for another month, the February league table has been comprised entirely from the Monday night gigs at Jenny Ha’s and Reverie.

Tonight is the last night and THE DUDE ABIDES look set to win.

Latest standings here:

Chestnuts by Heart

King Henry The Seventh
King Henry the What?

You can’t study for a TV quiz show. Or at least, that’s what I used to think.

Now that I’m actively applying to appear on as many cash quiz-paying quiz shows as I can, I’m watching more of the shows on YouTube and starting to notice certain sets of knowledge which keep coming up.

As a quizmaster of many years myself, I should know this but then I’ve always tended away from mainstream quiz stuff and gone more for material that asks the relative size of various animals’ cocks, and so on.

Anyway, these sets of knowledge, sometimes known as chestnuts, are relied on by quiz writers looking to bulk-out their question databases and are things like:

  • US state capitals
  • The periodic table
  • Succession of English/British monarchy
  • Succession of Conservative Party leaders (other parties too, but the recent chequered nature of the Tories = tricky questions that you think you ought to know)
  • Shakespeare’s plays
  • Classic Horse Races
  • Who wrote which opera

You’re never going to win a competitive quiz on this knowledge alone, you need to have some depth in other areas but in just about every episode of every TV-quiz I’ve watched so far, there is something from one of these lists.

So, I’m thinking: it shouldn’t take too long to rote-learn some of these which won’t guarantee me a million pounds, but should throw me a safety net now and again when I might otherwise be in trouble.

For instance: right now I would be screwed if I got ANY question on the periodic table. I’m just not interested in that stuff.

Q. What element is represented by the chemical symbol Na?

A. I divven’t na

Next job is to find some useful mnemonic devices. So far I found this page for memorising US State Capitals which has some useful ideas:

(Iowa [Des Moines] Picture you borrow some coins. You keep saying to yourself, “I owe dem coins, I owe dem coins.” I + owe = Iowa. Dem + coins = Des Moines.)

And as for the periodic table, there’s always Tom Lehrer:

LEt me know in the comments if you have any other good ways of remembering such lists of info.

Quiztal Maze Win Win But Lose on Capital Question

Quiztal Maze (formerly known as Quiztopher Bigwinz) showed up at the Reverie for only the second time and cemented their credentials with another impressive win

Quiztal Maze

They even managed to win Top Trumps to face the ultimate question but unfortunately for them, the choice of categories was European Geography or Female Darts Players.

They chose European Geography and came up against this bitch:

Q. Which one of these European Capital cities is located furthest North?

A. Berlin

B. Brussels

C. Luxembourg

D. Warsaw

They went for Brussels but that’s the wrong answer. Would you have got it right for £20? No matter, its a £40 rollover for next week.

Apart from all that, Monday’s quiz distinguished by the drawing Barack Obama on a tiger contest.