Fact Check – Tony Christie is Agatha Christie’s Grandson?

Last night one of the quizzers informed us that Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie was the grandmother of Tony “Show Me The Way To Amarillo” Christie.

Let’s see if it checks out,

Tony Christie and Agatha Christie. Can you a resemblance?

First stop is the Tony Christie Wikipedia page.

I note he was born in 1943 in Yorkshire and grew up there. Wasn’t Agatha Christie was a South-of-England person?

Surely this page would mention the connection? I search ctrl+F “Agatha” but there’s no mention of the writer.

The other thing that jumps out is that Tony Christie’s real name is Anthony Fitzgerald. Things are starting to fall apart.

However, the page mentions little of where TC comes from. There is often an “early life” section on celeb wiki pages, but not here.

OK – quick check on Agatha Christie’s Wiki page:

So Agatha Christie was married twice but she only had one child, Rosalind Hicks who was born in Devon, died in Devon and seemed to spend most of her life looking after the Agatha Christie estate.

Hicks herself only had one child, a bloke named Matthew Prichard who donated Agatha Chrstie’s house to the National Trust and lives off the royalties to The Mousetrap. He is not Tony Christie. The only connection appears to be that they were both born in 1943. This is him:

Mathew Prichard

Case closed.

This is a classic Man In A Pub fact and the conclusion can only be: FALSE

The word FALSE, in red

Got any “facts” that you’ve been doling out for years without checking. Remember – they could be a load of shite!

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