Pub Quizzes are Online Tonight

Win BREAD at 7pm and SELF RESPECT at 9pm – |URL|

Join the catalogue of triumphant BREID receipients in our sensational seven o clock quiz and relax at our 9pm offering. Edinburgh quiz for Edinburgh people. And beyond!

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2 thoughts on “Pub Quizzes are Online Tonight

  1. Hi dr p.
    Still having issues with paypal and desperate to get your tips off to you. Please email me and i also have board games for you

  2. If I were Paul James Loughton of Quizmedia LTD SC312681 I would not be giving away that “Bried” as you may need it to feed your wife’s son when the bank/HMRC comes to repossess the Granton Mansion.

    Time for a Go Fud Me…

    Honk. Honk.

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