Thursday 5th March 2020

Quizzes Tonight:

7pm – The Strathie. Jackpot £60. Cheat answer: Chvrches (music round).

8pm – The Ormelie Tavern Jackpot £30. Cheat answer: Mexico (pic round).

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £50. Cheat answer: Lambourghini (pic round).

Big news tonight: a new venue for young Michael out at Portobello: The Ormelie Tavern which is so old school is doesn’t have its own Facebook page and doesn’t have an in built sound system. This is how pubs used to be. Go and be entertained there TONIGHT at 8pm

Cheat Clues

The music round at the Strathie tonight contains this song by Chvrches who do a very good impression of people who don’t like to have a good time.

Cheer up love, it might never happen.

They are the sort of people who attract the comment “Cheer up love, it might never happen.”

I used to get that kind of comment, particularly when I was teenager. I think I had a quite a mopey face.

It was most annoying when I was feeling quietly blissful. How can you cheer up when there is already bliss? Annoying.

The other annoying thing about it was never quite understanding the exact meaning of the phrase.

“Cheer up – it might never happen”

What exactly was it that might never happen?

Did they mean something in the future? That whatever it is you could be worrying about might never happen? And therefore to stop worrying?

This seems reasonable up to a point. But why is the worry automatically assumed to relate to the future?

What if the worrying thing already happened?

Or did they mean that you could miss out?

Did they mean if you didn’t cheer up then you run the risk of missing “it” – the “it” being something good that you’d be doomed to miss because you’d be too busy being depressed.

I don’t know – that reading seems a little convoluted.

So what DID they mean?

Did you ever tell someone to cheer up “because it might never happen”?

Let me know in the comments what you actually meant by this. Or share it on the DR Paul Quiz Facebook group. It will solve a mystery. Thanks.

Anyway – get yourself to the Ormelie tonight and see this shining light of old-skool savvy in a millennial snowflake world or crying.


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