Wednesday 19th Feb 2020


7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £30. Cheat: Roy Orbison (music round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £120. Cheat: The Kurds (pic round)

Hot and cold.

Midweek gold.

Better than you wished.

Come and get pished.


That, obviously, was a Wednesday power poem. But here’s the cheat for tonight’s Joker & Thief music round: it’s horny old boy Roy Orbison:

The Big O

Even I’m not old enough to remember Roy Orbison the first time round, although I do remember the Orbison revival of the 1980s which had him in the charts again with the Traveling Wilburys and … and I was about to say also with Marc Almond but then I remember that was Gene Pitney.

Then, in December 1988, he died and that was back in the day when a sixties rock star dying was big news, so there was great coverage and there was a great public outpouring of grief.

This general reaction to his sudden demise (he was only 52) included my own Mum saying how much she had loved Roy Orbison.

I took this statement at face value and went out and bought her Roy Orbison’s Greatest Hits on vinyl for Christmas.

Her reaction to receiving this gift was my first lesson in remembering not to take people at face value when they say how much they “miss” a celebrity who has died.

It’s just a reaction, it passes, and people get on with things.

This was hammered home in more recent times when Alan Rickman died. His death was loudly mourned; it seemed that the whole of British society was united in their praise for the master of the stage and screen.

And then I had him as an anagram at the Newsroom a few weeks later and not one single cunt could solve it.

It wasn’t even a particularly difficult anagram (only 11 letters) but no one could think of his name until I dropped all the clues.

So maybe a month had passed between Alan Rickman being the most beloved actor of a generation to becoming the kind of anagram solution that requires ALL the clues.

Which makes me think, Caroline Flack would probably make quite a nice anagram but is she famous enough to bother trying to find one that will last any more than a few weeks?

See you later,

Dr P

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